How to Host a STEM Career Night for Girls

My name is Megha Bharadwaj, and for the next few months I will be blogging about my experience hosting a STEM career night for young girls.
Lessons Learned: Organizing A STEM Career Night for Girls
Megha Bharadwaj
Megha Bharadwaj

Hello everyone! My name is Megha Bharadwaj, and for the next few months I will be blogging about my experience hosting a STEM career night for young girls. It all started when I embarked upon my Gold Award as a senior ambassador Girl Scout. To earn this award, the highest level of award for Girl Scouts, I had to select an issue in my community and devise a long lasting solution to it.

At first I thought hmm let me pick something with feminism as in the past year I had really gotten involved with the issue. Unfortunately, the topic was too wide to address. Then, it hit me! Why not address the issue with women in STEM? Earlier in my sophomore year, I had visited a women in STEM event at Lockheed Martin, a SWE Corporate Partnership Council member, and it had been such a wonderful and inspiring event; the activities and women we were introduced to really just further spurred my love for the sciences. My most memorable memory had to be just the amount of joy I had felt at the end of the day being surrounded by such empowering women. I knew then that for my Gold Award I wanted to hold a STEM career night for young girls to get them interested early.

Then began the truly grueling part of this process. After deciding what I wanted to do I need to start my paperwork for the proposal and start networking. All the details for my event from how to would run to what activities would I run to who would attend had to be planned and fine-tuned. I was lucky to meet a women name Sheronda Nash from Lockheed Martin who became my project mentor in the process. Mrs.Nash and I had frequent talks over the past summer about what exactly I wanted from this event. That was really the starting point of this all. What was my goal and the message I wanted to get out to the girls?

It took a lot of time, and not until I turned in my paperwork last week for the proposal, did I realize what my goal was: I want to provide girls with role models and real-life careers to show them that it is possible for girls to become doctors and engineers and biochemists and mathematicians and anything else they want! That’s how the basis of my project was set. I planned on hosting the career night with not only hands on activities from the STEM fields, but also real-life women professionals in these fields who could be role models for these girls. I want the girls to interact with these women and ask them the questions they so often don’t have the chance to. I want them to see that it IS possible for girls to pick these careers and succeed in life! And I want them to know that girls can make a difference, if we only band together and try.

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