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Watch a Video for National Women in Engineering Day

Women engineers created videos telling girls why engineering is awesome or explaining the difficulties they experienced.
Watch A Video For National Women In Engineering Day


Watch the National Women in Engineering Day video Natasha created using submissions she received.

By Natasha Carter

Let’s do something different for National Women in Engineering Day, which is June 23. I’m trying to create a vlog (video blog) of women engineers speaking about why young girls should get into engineering. Hopefully, I can get enough women to say, “Yeah that’s awesome I’ll help!” that I will have enough for a 4-5 minute presentation.

My company partners with local schools and I want to be able to show the younger generation, “here are messages from engineers all over the world, who didn’t just think they could become an engineer, they did it.” Let’s tell them what you would have wanted someone to say to you back when you were just starting out. The aim is to show young girls that this industry is not only a viable one, but one where they can push the limits of what they thought was possible.

Your video could be you telling girls why engineering is awesome or explaining the difficulties you experienced. You could show them how you overcame obstacles and where you are today, or the cool things you can do with engineering. It’s up to you.. any message you want them to know so that it reflects your personality.

Share this with other women engineers or women in STEM that you might know. Professionals and current students are welcome to participate. It is my hope that girls will see this and realize their voices are not only wanted, but needed in this field.

Create a 30 second – 1 minute vlog (video message) and email it to me by June 16, 2016. You can either record your clip on your mobile phone and directly email it to me, or upload it to YouTube and send me the link, whatever is easier!

Thank you for your time!