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Video: SWE Launches WE Local Conferences

SWE is delighted to announce the launch of a new program: WE Local. Learn everything you need to know about WE Local today!
Video: Swe Launches We Local Conferences

Going Local!

SWE is delighted to announce the launch of a new program: WE Local. Learn everything you need to know about WE Local today!

WE Local and Region/Section Conferences

Ongoing member engagement and interaction happen at SWE’s Region and Section levels. In order to meet the demand of Region conferences, SWE headquarters launched WE Local, which includes conferences around the globe. WE Local conferences (in the US) officially launch in 2017 with two locations: San Jose, CA (Region A and J) and Pittsburgh, PA (Region G). The remaining region conferences (B, C, D, E, F, H, and I) will still be held in 2017. WE Local global conferences will also take place in 2017 in Pune, India and Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Beginning in 2018, WE Local conferences will expand to five US cities, with locations changing every year.

Please note, WE Local conferences replace only region conference level events. This does not include region/section leadership summits, PD conferences, and/or joint conferences.

What is WE Local?

WE Local is a new program for SWE that was developed to organize local SWE conferences and to improve the member experience. The purpose of these conferences is to bring together participants in all stages of their collegiate and professional journey to learn and network through professional development workshops, inspirational speakers, and outreach activities. WE Local brings the excitement, energy, and learning environment of SWE’s annual conference directly to the member’s backyard.

Why WE Local?

For many years, local events were coordinated by SWE section volunteers. Their expertise and dedication to producing events was invaluable, and we are thankful for their contribution. However, in order to redistribute that workload and re-empower our volunteers, SWE launched WE Local. SWE Headquarters will continue to work with the dedicated volunteers through two committees: Local Host Committee and WE Local Advisory Board.

What is the WE Local Advisory Board?

WE Local Advisory Board volunteers serve as ambassadors and stewards for the WE Local program. The board includes SWE members and HQ staff. The group is committed to providing ideas on how to address WE Local initiatives as well as recommendations for future programming.

What is a Host Committee?

A Host Committee provides a voice for the WE Local member on what’s unique and important to the local area. This includes suggestions for venue, themes, entertainment, tours, and the recruitment of speaker submissions.

Who is the Go-To Person for WE Local?

Meet Vanessa Velasco! Vanessa recently joined SWE as the WE Local Manager. She joins the team with more than nine years of combined event and marketing experience. This includes five years with non-profit organizations and associations. Her favorite event she coordinated? The World’s Largest Brat Fest!

As the WE Local Manager, Vanessa will spearhead the following:

  • Event logistics, including contract negotiations and managing vendors
  • Program development, including speaker recruitment and evaluation with committees
  • Overall planning of local conferences with volunteer leadership

Will There be 2017 WE Local Conferences?

Yes! WE Local has officially launched two conferences in February, 2017 in San Jose, California and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Both conferences are currently accepting speaker submissions. Visit to learn more.

Can I Submit a Presentation?

Yes! As of today, WE Local is accepting presentations for WE Local San Jose and WE Local Pittsburgh. You can submit your presentation online for San Jose or Pittsburgh today.

How Can I Become an Exhibitor or Sponsor?

Participating as a WE Local exhibitor or sponsor provides your organization focused, intimate access to future and current women engineers all around the country. WE Local conferences allow employers to focus their recruitment and networking strategies in the geographic areas in which they live and work. Go to to download a prospectus for each of our upcoming WE Local conferences under the Exhibitors drop-down menu.

How Do I Get Involved?

If you are interested in having a WE Local conference in your area, you can submit an application online. It’s that simple!

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