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BD Engineering Development Program Spotlight: Heena Dani

Heena Dani is an R&D Engineer at Becton Dickinson and interviewed for her position at WE15 in Nashville.
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Engineering Development Program
Heena Dani

Heena Dani is an R&D Engineer in the Engineering Development Program at Becton Dickinson (BD).

Heena graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Biomedical Engineering in May 2016. When she was first looking for a major, she didn’t know what to pick as she enjoyed the medical field and helping people but knew being a doctor wasn’t for her. She was excited when she discovered biomedical engineering as it incorporated the medical field along with math and science.

Heena has been a member of the Society of Women Engineers for five years after joining her sophomore year in college. She has been an active member of SWE participating in one annual conference and two regional conferences.

BD Career Fair
Through college internships, Heena knew she wanted to work in R&D of a medical device company. Her co-op experience highlighted the increased benefits of joining a rotational development program after graduation. Heena saw that a rotational program allowed for an accelerated learning experience and development opportunities in a short amount of time.  That is when she came upon the Engineering Development Program at BD, a three year R&D rotational program. Heena has always been aware of BD products as she used some during her childhood. She interviewed for her current position at the SWE Annual Conference last year in Nashville.

In her short time transitioning from college to the professional life, Heena has learned a lot. Some advice she would like to pass down to those making that transition:

“When you first start working, it is overwhelming. There is a lot more responsibility as a full time employee versus being an intern. However, that is what makes it more exciting! You can see the impact that you make in your company.  One thing I learned is when you are starting in a new role, schedule one-on-one meetings with everyone you will be working with on a cross functional team. This will help you get to know your team better, help you build your network, and know who to go to when problems arise!”

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