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BD Engineering Development Program Spotlight: Jessica McQuaide

How attending WE15 helped Jessica McQuaide land her job as an R&D Engineer at Becton Dickinson.
Bd Engineering Development Program Spotlight: Jessica Mcquaide
Engineering Development Program
Jessica McQuaide

Jessica McQuaide is a recent graduate of the University of Louisville currently working as an R&D Engineer in the Engineering Development Program at Becton Dickinson.

Jessica went to the University of Louisville in Kentucky where she completed a five-year bioengineering master’s degree program. At first, she had aspirations of going to medical school, but found that she enjoyed engineering more than medicine.

Jessica joined SWE as a collegiate and has been a member for five years. She had the opportunity to attend three annual conferences. While still completing her master’s program, she interviewed for her current position at BD at the WE15 Career Fair in Nashville. She continues to be impressed by the people who work at BD.

“Everyone is so passionate, so friendly, and helpful when trying to learn and train,” she said.

Engineering Development Program

Jessica has enjoyed the transition from college to professional life. The more responsibility she is given, the more she feels she is making a difference within the company. Jessica has especially liked taking part in the Engineering Development Program (EDP) at BD because of the diverse experiences it offers.

Engineering Development Program

For those who plan to attend SWE’s annual conference next year in Austin, especially graduating seniors, Jessica recommends taking full advantage of the Career Fair and talking to as many companies as possible.

Jessica advises aspiring women engineers, “Be fearless. There are a lot of networking opportunities. Take advantage of the opportunities. Work hard and enjoy. ”

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