Meet Katie — This Month’s SWE Scholar

Find out how Katie Scoboria, who received the MASWE scholarship, came to study engineering, how long she's been a SWE member, AND how she specifically used her SWE Scholarship.
Meet Katie — This Month’s Swe Scholar

Where oh  — oh where have our SWE Scholar features on SWE’s blog All Together gone, you ask?! We’ll be honest, WE16 really took it out of us here at HQ. And our SWE Scholar features came to a slow … okay, okay – we admit, it was more of a complete halt. But! This month, we’re back with vengeance (in a good way) featuring #SWEscholar Katie Scoboria who received the MASWE scholarship. Read how she came to study engineering, how long she’s been a SWE member, AND how she specifically used her SWE Scholarship.


HQ: What school and engineering discipline do you study?
KS: My name is Katie Rose Scoboria, and I am studying mechanical engineering at Villanova University.

My name is Katie and I am studying mechanical engineering at Villanova University.

HQ: Why did you choose this field of engineering to study?
KS: I love getting involved in everything – and I definitely didn’t want to put myself into a box when choosing my major. Mechanical engineering is so broad, and has many different concentration areas. Coming into college freshman year, I could rattle off a number of things I wanted to learn more about: robotics, programming, renewable energy, technical writing. While I still want to learn everything I can, I’ve decided to concentrate in thermal fluids and minor in creative writing, in order to hone my abilities and skills in those areas.

HQ: Why did you choose engineering as your major? Were there any inspiring moments in life that lead to this?
KS: Choosing to major in engineering really stemmed from wanting to help others by solving some of the problems which humanity faces. Growing up, I was always really capable at math and science, and I loved fixing and tinkering with various things. I also participated in science fairs through grade school and high school, with the mentorship of my grandfather Preston Scoboria, a retired physics professor. His enthusiasm for science and total confidence in my abilities gave me the desire and courage to pursue engineering.

HQ: How long have you been a SWE member?
KS: I’ve been a member of the Villanova chapter since my freshman year and I’ve been a national member since my sophomore year. I also served as the Volunteer Chair during my sophomore year and am currently the Vice President of Villanova SWE.

Katie (center) pictured with her SWEster friends!
Katie pictured with her SWEstert friends!

HQ: How has being a SWE member impacted you, professionally and personally?
KS: Both professionally and personally, being a SWE member has definitely helped me make new friends! I’ve developed a pretty expansive network over these past three years, and have loved meeting female engineers from all over the country. Additionally, being on the executive board of the Villanova SWE chapter has really helped me get to know the members of Villanova SWE.

HQ: What SWE scholarship did you win and when?
KS: I received the MASWE scholarship this past May for the 2016-2017 academic year.

I received the MASWE scholarship this past May for the 2016-2017 academic year.

HQ: What were your goals in pursuing this scholarship?
KS: Each year, I apply to a number of scholarships in order to alleviate the financial burden of higher education. It is a true privilege to be able to attend Villanova, but it does come with a price. I applied to this scholarship in order to be able to assist my parents with the cost of tuition.

katie-1HQ: How did you specifically use the scholarship?
KS: This scholarship went towards my tuition, which was such a huge help to both my parents and I.

HQ: Did the scholarship impact you beyond the financial?
KS: The scholarship did impact me beyond the financial benefit. It also includes a K-12 Outreach resources for SWE members, which allows me to attend conferences at a reduced cost, as well as apply to the scholarship application for the upcoming years.

HQ: What if you hadn’t received the SWE scholarship?
KS: If I hadn’t received the scholarship, I wouldn’t have attended Celebrate SWE at WE16, which really inspired me. It was extremely empowering to see so many strong, capable female engineers give speeches and accept awards for their accomplishments. I can’t wait for next year’s Celebrate SWE!

HQ: What is one piece of advice you’d give to a current applicant?
KS: Apply! You won’t know unless you try.

Apply! You won’t know unless you try.

HQ: What is your all-time favorite SWE moment?
KS: My all-time favorite SWE moment was the chance to go to WE15 in Nashville with two fellow executive board members, Kristen Poole and Shannon Rhodes. Nashville was a great city to have the conference in, considering it is has such a warm, welcoming, and exciting atmosphere. It was also my first time attending a national SWE conference, and I was participating in CLI, so I was definitely overwhelmed (in a good way) with how incredible the conference really is.


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