WE Local San Jose Announces 2017 Keynote Speakers

Four keynote speakers will share their expertise at WE Local San Jose, the site of one of our first WE Local conferences.

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WE Local San Jose Announces 2017 Keynote Speakers

As we open registration for WE Local San Jose, we want to say, “Thank You” to our members and community of the Region A and J who contributed to nominations of keynote speakers and plenaries, and ho submitted the 107 presentations for the new two-day program.

At this time, we are reviewing presentations submissions and contacting plenary nominees and nominators, however we would like to share with you the exciting announcement of the 2017 WE Local San Jose’s keynote speakers.

Celeste Morgan

Founder and International CEO of Days For Girls
Opening Keynote: Friday, February 24 at 8 A.M.

Morgan is known for her always present smile as well as her ability to build teams and empower collaborations. She founded Days for Girls during a trip to Kenya in 2008, when she discovered through discussions with young women that menstrual hygiene was a huge challenge. With over 17 years’ experience in non-profit work, a reputation of building teams, and a strong personal interest in sewing and tailoring, Morgan put her creativity to use to find a solution. She then listened to feedback of women around the globe that led to a uniquely appropriate design (27 versions later). Seven years later, Days for Girls empowers women and girls in over 100 countries on six continents. Days for Girls has been featured in O Magazine, Forbes, and was recently named a Huffington Post ‘Next Ten’ organization positioned to change the world in the next decade. Morgan’s passion for this issue is infectious and she has helped bring international attention to an issue that has long been neglected. All with the support of her beloved husband Don and their 6 children and 13 grandchildren. She is Washington State’s 2014 Mother of the Year and a recipient of the Soroptimist Ruby Award.

Monica Moya

Research Engineer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Welcome Reception Keynote: Friday, February 24 at 7:00 P.M.

Monica Moya is a first-generation Hispanic college graduate who received her B.S. in Engineering from Northwestern University and her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology. She has been committed to empowering students in STEM. As a research engineer at the Center for Micro and Nano Technology at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Moya is the principal investigator for a project dedicated to 3D print of living blood vessels onto electrodes for chemical testing outside the body. Moya was recently recognized by the Empower Her Institute with a Millennial Leader Award, which recognizes accomplished professionals under 40 who are working for the advancement of girls and women in the arts, business, public service and STEM fields.

Kathryn Cook

Technical Program Manager, Connectivity Lab at Facebook
Lunch Keynote: Saturday, February 25 at 11:45 A.M.

The social networking company, Facebook, announced that Aquila, its solar-powered craft, has completed its first full-scale test flight. Kathryn Cook is the former President-Elect to SWE’s Pacific Northwest Section and currently serves as the senior technical program manager at Facebook for the Aquila program. She leads a team to design, manufacture, and flight test autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles within the Aquila program. Aquila is part of Facebook’s Connectivity Lab whose goal is to deliver internet to areas of the world which lack internet connectivity. Prior to joining Facebook, Cook worked at Boeing as a system engineer and project manager developing carbon fiber composite materials for commercial aerospace applications. She has a bachelor’s and master’s in materials science engineering from UC Berkeley with an engineering emphasis in ultra-high temperature ceramic bonding and a business emphasis in technology management.

Maya Dirado

Olympic Gold Medalist and Business Analyst of McKinsey & Company
Closing Keynote: Saturday, February 25 at 7:00 P.M.

Maya DiRado is an American competitive swimmer who qualified for the 2016 Olympic Team. During the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, DiRado swam against Katinka Hosszú, the favorite to win, in the 200-meter backstroke event. Hosszú led the entire race until DiRado pushed the last 25 meters and out touched Hosszú by one-hundreths of a second for the win. Immediately after learning she out-touched Hosszú, DiRado stated in an interview, “My team believed in me so much… it was just a matter of convincing myself, and I did.” Unknown to most Olympic followers is DiRado graduated with a bachelor’s degree in management science and engineer from Stanford University. This fall, DiRado joins McKinsey & Company, a high-powered management consulting firm, as a business analyst.

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