Black History Month Spotlight: Sarah Adebabay

Sarah Adebabay is a student at Da Vinci Science High School in Inglewood, California and a SWENext Award recipient.
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SWENext Award Recipient: Sarah Adebabay, Da Vinci Science High School, Inglewood, California

Black History Month Spotlight: Sarah Adebabay

This article was first published in the WE16 Conference Issue of SWE Magazine.

After joining SWENext, Sarah Adebabay’s perception of engineering changed: Something she believed was out of her reach was now attainable.

Empowered to engage with engineering, she joined Team 4201: The Vitruvian Bots, the FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC) team at her school. The life-changing experience helped Sarah grow as an individual and a leader. Today, she leads the team as one of seven directors, specializing in business management.

Inspired to share her love for STEM, Sarah dedicates her time volunteering in her community with her SWE club and FRC team. Through SWE and FRC, she both coordinates and volunteers in events such as Femineers Day, an activity that has grown from 50 to 200 girls, and a summer robotics camp.

Now a senior, Sarah is looking forward to college, where she plans to study mathematics and computer science.

About SWENext Awards

SWE is thrilled to host SWENext Awards. We are looking for 3-10 SWENexters who have:

  • Been actively engaged in the SWE community
  • A solid understanding of engineering principles
  • Played a role in serving their own community
  • Demonstrated strong leadership skills

The award recipient will receive an all-expense paid trip to the SWE Annual Conference in Austin, for herself and one other family member. Trophies for the recipient and her school as well as a signed certificate from Karen Horting, executive director and CEO of SWE, will also be distributed. SWENext winners will be recognized for their accomplishments during the SWE Annual Conference.

All rising high school junior and senior SWENexters are eligible to apply for this award. Please reach out to with any questions.