FY18 Section/MAL Professional Representatives

Each professional section and Members at Large (MAL) Region is allocated ONE representative according to Senate motion S1704 adopted in October in Philadelphia.
SWE Leadership Summit Update

Association Management SystemSenate motion S1704 was adopted in October in Philadelphia to amend the number of professional representatives in the Society bylaws, such that each professional section and Members at Large (MAL) Region is allocated ONE representative.  There is no impact to collegiate representatives as a result.

According to the Society Bylaws, Article VI – Regions, Section 4 Region Councils:

  1. The voting members of each of the region councils shall consist of representatives as follows:
  2. One representative elected by the members of each professional section of the region;
  3. One representative elected by the members at large of the region; and
  4. One collegiate representative for each twenty active collegiate sections or fraction thereof, not to exceed two, of the region, elected by the collegiate section presidents of the region in accordance with the procedures for collegiate senator elections.
  5. The number of active collegiate sections as of December 31 shall be used to determine the number of representatives that each region may elect to serve for the following fiscal year. A professional section chartered or reinstated after that date shall be entitled to one representative.

Proviso: This amendment shall take effect July 1, 2017

This is a conforming amendment.  If you suspect that your section bylaws are in conflict, please contact the Society Bylaws Committee for guidance on changes.

We’d be happy to answer your questions.


Stephanie Loete – Society Secretary
Amy Jo Moore – Speaker of the Senate
Lisa Rimpf – Director of Regions