WE Local Pittsburgh — Day One

WE Local Pittsburgh — Day One

WE Local Pittsburgh — Day One. It's the first day of WE Local Pittsburgh — while it's been chilly the last few days, the sun has plans to come out and bring us to 60 degree weather ... we think that's a good sign, yes?! The energy was fresh and positive this morning as WE Local's inaugural conference kicked off. We began our day with the breakfast keynote from Maria Bezaitis who is a principal engineer at Intel.

Maria's session topic was: From “Me’” to “Us:” Shaping the Social Future of Tech Innovation in the Private Sector. This keynote challenged us to consider how understanding of social phenomena can be applied to any present-day innovation initiative, including organizational priorities such as diversity and leadership.

9:45a began WELocal's morning sessions — there were too many amazing topics to choose from, but with only one person tasked with writing this blog post ... we could only sit in and listen to two 😉 The session? Business Need for Speed: Building a Global Culture of Women

In this session, by Stefana Saxton, taught us how Business Excellence (BEx) combines disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations in any industry. We captured some meaty quotes via @SWEtalk on Twitter, check them out here:

Next session up was Collegiate to Career Transitions: How to Make SWE Your Constant (ah, notice our smooth, subliminal incorporation of #WE17??). What a great topic for a session! Those transitions are difficult and it's nice to hear other's stories ... it helps us realize everyone is going through the same thing — albeit, in different ways, we're all in the relatively the same boat.

Important takeaways:

  1. After graduation, don't forget to renew your membership and change your SWE status, because (heavy sigh OR loud cheers) you're no longer a collegiate member.
  2. Join the right professional section! And reach out to your section leaders and introduce yourself.
  3. Join the mailing list!
  4. Go to your first SWE event as a professional!

Stay tuned for recap blog post Day Two of #WELocal #Pittsburgh! Coming soon.