SWEet Wisdom: March 2017 Edition

History can be a great tool for finding inspiration and this month we asked engineers to share what women inspire them most.

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SWEet Wisdom: March 2017 Edition

In honor of National Women’s History Month, the March SWEet Wisdom topic was all about inspiring female role models. Engineer or not, throughout history, amazing women have made huge impacts on society that have not gone unnoticed. History can be a great tool for finding inspiration, and this month we asked engineers to share what women inspire them most.

Joyann Brice
The female that inspires me the most in my life is my mom. She was not an engineer, or a STEM professional; She was an elementary school special education teacher for 37 years. My mom believes in giving back to the environment and the community. The earliest volunteer opportunity I can remember was when I was only six years old rebuilding a park for a school in need. She taught me to be strong, to do what I think is best no matter what and that every dream is achievable even though you may have to struggle to get there. My mom has helped hundreds of children with disabilities find their path in life; she has been ‘secret Santa’ to many students with no food or money and has impacted many people with her giving heart. I only want to be half as noble as her, and that’s why I wanted to become environmental engineer. I wanted to be able to do the right thing and to help people have clean water, clean communities, and never have to face the impacts of industrial pollution like so many have in my hometown community.

Christine Maida
Debbie Sterling, the creator of Goldieblox, has been an inspiration to me over the years. After completing an engineering degree, Sterling went on to create a successful line of engineering toys specifically geared towards girls. She is both a successful engineer and entrepreneur. From her work, I have gained a greater appreciation for multidimensional learning. She has proved to girls everywhere that it is okay to be more than one thing: you can be an engineer, a mother, a business owner, and a role model. There is no limit to what can be done with an engineering degree and Debbie Sterling is a great role model for girls that are looking to change the world, make a difference, follow their dreams, and pursue their passions. Debbie Sterling has an amazing Ted Talk that I recommend for anyone who is looking for some inspiration


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