Video: SWENext DesignLab Inspires

Watch our video to meet one of the girls who attended SWENext DesignLab, her mom, a volunteer, and the host of the event.

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Video: SWENext DesignLab Inspires

During our first two WE Local events, SWE introduced SWENext DesignLab, a hands-on learning experience for inspiring engineers in middle school, their parents and educators. Watch our video to meet one of the girls who attended SWENext DesignLab, her mom, a volunteer, and the host of the event.

About SWENext DesignLab

SWENext DesignLab is an experience created to encourage girls to choose a career in engineering. This one-day event will take place during WE Local conferences.

During SWENext DesignLab, middle school students work with local SWE members to complete hands-on engineering activities. While the girls are busy having fun and inventing new ideas, parents and educators learn about engineering careers, scholarships, college admission and resources. Participants also see how engineering can directly impact their community through presentations by award winning high school students.

You can see photos of our first two SWENext DesignLab events in Pittsburgh and San Jose on SWE’s Flickr.

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About SWENext

SWENext is a way to become part of the Society of Women Engineers as a student through the age of 18. Become part of SWE and #BeThatEngineer! Joining is free.

Families and educators play a key role in the success of SWENexters. The SWENext program offers resources and information for adult advocates as well.

Who can be a SWENexter?

Any student 13 or older may join SWENext. For those younger than 13, a parent will need to be the primary contact.

Students please complete the application to join.

Adult advocates who would like to be on the SWENext mailing list: Please complete the mailing list form.

Who can support a SWENexter?

Families, educators, and K-12 Outreach resources for SWE members

About WE Local

WE Local offers networking with fellow technical women who live in the area. Educational workshops and engaging sessions provide professional development designed specifically for women in engineering and technology. Attendees have the opportunity to meet with potential employers and connect with colleagues while developing their skills.

WE Local conferences are innovative, collaborative events. SWE sections along with SWE Headquarters work together to “Meet Locally. Learn Socially.”

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