Video: Deep Technical Experts at Cummins Are Critical

Deep technical careers are critical, but are sometimes overlooked in favor of management-focused careers. At Cummins, we are focused on developing people with the skills and capabilities we need to succeed in the future.

There are many ways to develop your career on a technical path. Here is some of the advice we share with our colleagues:

  1. Think about what you really enjoy about your work – is it solving a tough problem, coming up with a creative new idea or is it interacting with colleagues on your team to hit a deadline? Use the list of things you enjoy as a starting point for discussions with mentors and technical leaders about where you should focus your development.
  2. Think about the different dimensions of capability that you will need to grow. Start by creating a plan to develop depth in your role – strive to be very good in a particular area. Once you’ve developed a skill that will serve as your foundation, think about ways to start increasing your breadth – for example experience a different part of the product lifecycle or work on a new product or application.
  3. Talk to people! Who has a job that sounds really fun and interesting? Consider adding a job shadowing experience to your development plan or interviewing technical experts in your area of interest. Ask them what kind of experiences and development activities helped them to achieve success.
  4. Finally, while you’re developing your technical skills, it is also critical that you improve all of your skills.  Effective technical experts must also be great at interpersonal communication, mentoring and teaching and influencing.

Technical experts get to work on the most innovative projects, the toughest problems and with the newest technologies. If this type of career interests you, I hope you will take steps to set yourself up for success as an expert.

This content has been contributed by Cummins as part of a promotional digital content program.