Tau Beta Pi Awards $520,000 to Scholars Including 36 SWE Members

Most award recipients will receive a cash award of $2,000 for their senior year of engineering study, and a few will receive $1,000 for one semester.
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Tau Beta Pi Awards $520,000 to Scholars Including 36 SWE Members []The Fellowship Board of Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society, announces the selection of 271 Tau Beta Pi Scholars from 679 applicants for undergraduate study during the 2017-18 academic year. Most recipients will receive a cash award of $2,000 for their senior year of engineering study, and a few will receive $1,000 for one semester. All TBP Scholarships are awarded on the competitive criteria of high scholarship, campus leadership and service, and promise of future contributions to the engineering profession. All scholars are members of the Association.

Download the list of recipients including 36 SWE members highlighted in yellow.

The recipients have chosen the following engineering curricula: 80 mechanical, 53 chemical, 27 biomedical, 20 civil, 17 electrical, 8 bioengineering, 8 materials science & engineering, 7 aerospace, 6 computer, 6 electrical & computer engineering, 6 industrial, 5 chemical & biochemical, 5 environmental, 4 computer science, 3 petroleum, 3 biological, 2 architectural, 2 (general) engineering, 2 nuclear, 2 polymer science & engineering, and 2 systems & information engineering. In addition, three are studying the following engineering curricula: manufacturing, mining, and software.

All of this year’s scholarships are named for members or corporations. The Nagel Scholarship is given in honor of former Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus Robert H. Nagel, P.E., NY ’39. Named Editor of The Bent in 1942, he became Secretary-Treasurer and Editor in 1947 and served until October 1982 when he was named Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus.

The Record Scholarships, awarded for the first time in 2001, commemorate Leroy E. Record, KS ’29, whose generous bequest will provide earnings to support awards in perpetuity.

The Stabile Scholarships are named for Vincent A. Stabile, NY ’40, whose gifts to the Association, along with gifts from the Vincent A. Stabile Foundation, have permanently endowed scholarships. In 2005, Henry M. Alford, MS ’27, left a bequest to the Association sufficient to permanently endow the Alford Scholarships.

The Althouse Scholarship commemorates Ernest E. Althouse, PA ’26, who left a bequest in 2006. The Bloomberg Scholarship is named for Michael R. Bloomberg, MD ’64, whose 2006 gift has funded one award for eleven years. The Brems Scholarships are named for Marian K. and John H. Brems, MI ’46, who left a bequest to the Association in 2016. The Boysen Scholarship is named for Robert L. Boysen, NJ ’63, who made a gift to support a scholarship for a commuter student at a New Jersey chapter of Tau Beta Pi.

Ruth M. and Cleveland L. Campbell, P.E., IA ’47, made gifts to permanently endow the Campbell Scholarships. Dennis E. Crouch, MI ’62, made gifts to fund the Crouch Scholarships, which support students majoring in aerospace engineering, computer science, or cyber-warfare. A 2007 bequest from the estate of Richard A. Curtis, Ph.D., OH ’64, permanently endows the Curtis Scholarships.

The Dechman Scholarship was established in 2015 by David, VA ’82, Ken, and Jim Dechman, TX ’89, to honor their father, Don A. Dechman, TX ’57, on the occasion of his 80th birthday. The Dodson Scholarships are sponsored by the late Charles R. Dodson, MD ’30, who made generous gifts to the Association in 1998 & 1999. Placed in the C.R. Dodson Scholarship Fund, its investment earnings will support the program in perpetuity. The Faidley Scholarships are named for LeVern W. Faidley, Ph.D., IA ’67, who made a gift in 2017 to support two scholarships.

The Forge Scholarships are named for Charles O. Forge, CA ’56, who left a bequest to Tau Beta Pi in 2010. The wife of Eddie L. Lyons, CA ’76, made gifts in his memory to finance the Lyons Scholarships. Thomas L. Maniscalco, DEN, NY E ’67, made gifts in memory of his parents, Frances and Joseph Maniscalco, for the Maniscalco Scholarship to be given to an aerospace/mechanical or mechanical engineering student at NY Rho and NJ Beta.

Awarded for the first time, Donald B. Schaefer, WI B ’63, made a gift to the Association to support the Schaefer Scholarship. The Schwaller Scholarship commemorates Shawn R. Schwaller, SD A ’95, whose friends and family established a fund in 2007. The Scribner Scholarships are named for A. Clayton Scribner, NY ’29, whose bequest to the Association in 2003 permanently endows the awards. The Sickafoose Scholarship is named for Kathleen A. and Robert D. Sickafoose, IL ’50, who left a bequest to the Association in 2012.

The four Soden Scholarships are named for Archie D. Soden, CA ’51, who has made gifts to Tau Beta Pi to fund scholarships in perpetuity. Elsa and Peter H. Soderberg, CT ’68, sponsor the Tau Beta Pi–Soderberg Scholarships, awarded for the 17th year. The Spirit of Apollo Scholarship is supported by Philip H. Kitchens, LA ’67, to honor the legacy of the U.S. NASA Apollo program. The Van Wagenen Scholarship honors William E. Van Wagenen, NY Q ’78, who made a gift in 2016 to support the program.

The Davis Scholarship is named for N. Jan Davis, Ph.D., P.E., AL ’77; the DeLoatch Scholarship is named for Eugene M. DeLoatch, Ph.D., DC ’59; & the Griffin Scholarship is named for Michael D. Griffin, Ph.D., MD ’77, all of whom were honored as 2016 Tau Beta Pi Distinguished Alumni.

The Abron Scholarship is named for Lilia A. Abron, Ph.D., DC ’68; the Olberding Scholarship is named for Terry D. Olberding, TN ’78; the Scholz Scholarship is named for Tom Scholz, MA ’69; & the Sukup Scholarship is named for Charles E. Sukup, P.E., IA ’76, all of whom are 2017 Tau Beta Pi Distinguished Alumni.

Corporations sponsor the remaining scholarships. The Alabama Power Foundation, Inc. made a gift in 1995, which is now sufficient to endow an Alabama Power Scholarship, awarded for the 14th time this year. The Bose Foundation made a gift in 2017 to sponsor the 11th Bose Scholarship. Awarded for the 9th year, the GEICO Scholarship is sponsored by GEICO Insurance. The Lindeburg Scholarship is sponsored by Professional Publications, Inc., and named for its president, Michael R. Lindeburg, P.E.

Tau Beta Pi is the Engineering Honor Society, founded at Lehigh University in 1885. It has collegiate chapters at 246 engineering colleges in the United States and active alumni chapters in 41 cities. It has initiated more than 583,000 members in its 132-year history and is the world’s largest engineering society.


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