Infographic: SWE K-12 Outreach Impacts Almost 200,000 Girls

The Society of Women Engineers is excited that our ongoing K-12 Outreach efforts made an impact on 189,759 girls during FY15-FY17.
SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – February 2018

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SWE K-12 Outreach by the Numbers

In FY15-FY17, SWE Members reported:

  • 2609 K-12 Outreach Events
  • 188 events in February 2017, the busiest month
  • 189,759 Girls attended events with SWE member volunteers
  • 21,530 SWE Member Volunteer Occasions
  • 102,045 Parents & Educators attended Outreach Events with a SWE member
  • 277 SWE Sections reported an Outreach Event
  • 73% of events had a lease one hands-on component
  • 44% of events were run with a Partner Organization
  • 7,778 SWENext students and adult members
  • 59 SWENext Clubs around the worldwide

SWE is excited that our ongoing outreach efforts made an impact on 189,759 girls during FY15-FY17. We plan to continue to grow these numbers, and you can help play a role. If you haven’t already, make sure to contribute to SWE’s Outreach Metric Tool (OMT). This tool is a short survey that captures the outreach work we do on behalf of the Society. We also invite you to promote your next outreach event to our SWENexters, who are eager to get involved in engineering meetups in their areas.

Learn more about SWE’s outreach work, which is highlighted in this cool infographic. SWE is looking forward to inspiring the next generation of engineers during Invent it. Build it., our flagship program that takes place Saturday, October 28 in Austin, Texas. Invent it. Build it. for more information and to register a middle school or high school student.

Changing the way girls see engineering can’t happen without dedicated SWE volunteers and partners. Thank you for all the outreach work you do!