Outreach News You Can Use - August 2017

As SWE's Outreach Committee Chair, I’m excited to continue our News You Can Use series to share timely outreach information with you.
Getting Our Girls More Interested in STEM

Hello outreach advocates, and happy FY18! My name is Kate Nolan, and I am chairing SWE’s Outreach Committee this year. I’m excited to continue our News You Can Use series, to share timely outreach information with you.

In this issue:
1. Share Your Outreach Events With SWE – And Win Money for Outreach
2. Outreach Committee Goals for FY18 – How You Can Help
3. Volunteer at Invent It. Build It.
4. SWE Outreach Incubator – Get Your Outreach Questions Answered!
4. Outreach Contact Information

  • Share Your Outreach Events in the Outreach Metric Tool
    The Outreach Committee wants to know about any outreach events where SWE members participate, including:- Special K-12 outreach events planned, executed, and led by SWE member organizations OR led by a partner organization (e.g. another engineering society, industrial firm, etc.) where a SWE collegiate or professional section or affiliate, or MAL formally participated
    - Individual K-12 outreach efforts of SWE members

    Examples of events to enter include: one- and half-day workshops, competitions, weekend engineering expos, mentoring K-12 students, engineering summer camps, individual meetings or formal talks given to students, parents, and/or educators by SWE members.

    Report your event here. Each month, we randomly draw 1 winning section to receive $100 for future outreach events!

  • Outreach Committee Goals for FY18 – And How You Can Help!This year, we are excited to focus on growing participation and engagement in SWENext, SWENext Clubs, and K-12 educator membership, while also growing SWE’s impact on girls, parents, and educators.

    - Increase exposure of and participation in SWE’s K-12 educator membership and related programs.
    - Develop tools and resources to support SWENext Clubs.
    - Increase number of current SWENexters to 5,000.
    - Increase number of girls impacted by SWE members at all outreach events to 85,000.
    - Increase number of Parent & Educator Programs run by SWE to 120.

    So, how can you help us achieve these goals? Here are some ways to help:
    - Build a connection with or advise a SWENext club in your community
    - Promote your outreach events to SWENexters
    - Share SWENext and K-12 Educator Membership flyers at your outreach events
    - Host a Parent & Educator Program (stay tuned for the release of the Parent & Educator Program Toolkit!)
    - Report your outreach efforts in the Outreach Metric Tool

  • Volunteer at Invent It. Build It.
    Invent It. Build It. is SWE’s signature outreach event, which brings over 1,000 middle school & high school girls, parents, and educators to the SWE conference venue for a unique all-day outreach event with hands-on activities, speakers, access to STEM- and girl-focused organizations, and more!If you’re attending WE17 in Austin, don’t forget to check “Opt in to Invent It. Build It.” on your registration, to receive more information about volunteering and a link to sign up for shifts. We need over 500 SWE volunteers to make the day a success! Volunteers will receive a discount on next year’s conference registration (WE18).

    Read more about Invent It. Build It. and more about WE17. For questions about volunteering at Invent It. Build It., contact Kate Nolan at kate.e@gmail.com.

  • SWE Outreach Incubator – Get Your Outreach Questions Answered!
    Did you know that SWE has a Facebook group dedicated to outreach? Join the Outreach Incubator to ask questions of other members who are passionate about outreach, share outreach-related articles, best practices, and more!
  • Outreach Contact Information
    If you have questions about SWE outreach programs that are not answered on the SWE website, contact outreach-chair@swe.org (directs to the Outreach Committee Chair) or outreach@swe.org (directs to SWE HQ).

Thank you for your outreach efforts!

Kate Nolan
FY18 Outreach Committee Chair