Outreach News You Can Use – September 2017

In this edition of News You Can Use, you’ll find information about upcoming events, ways to win funds for your K-12 outreach events, and more!
Outreach News You Can Use – September 2017

Can you believe that it is already September? Students are back to school, and SWE outreach events are kicking back into gear. In this edition of News You Can Use, you’ll find information about upcoming events, ways to win funds for your outreach events, and more!

In this edition of News You Can Use:

  1. K-12 Educator Impact
  2. Volunteer at Invent It. Build It. at WE17
  3. Outreach Committee Sessions at WE17
  4. Wow! Innovation Challenge is Open!
  5. SWENext Collegiate Section Video Competition
  6. August 2017 Outreach Metric Tool Drawing Winner

K-12 Educator Newsletter Subscriptions Count

Do you know a K-12 STEM Educator? STEM teachers, counselors and adult advocates appreciate tips on how to talk about engineering. Even Engineering teachers can use help in how to get girls engaged in joining their optional technology programs. That is where SWENext comes in. Specifically SWENextEd - our Newsletter for K-12 Educators. It offers the engineering branding and social research to build a more inclusive classroom experience and builds visibility of what SWENext can do for students. Help the Outreach Committee meet our K-12 Educator goals this year to increase newsletter subscriptions to 500.

  • Let K-12 Educators in your area know about our FREE subscription to the K-12 SWENextEd Educator Newsletter
  • Host a parallel Parent & Educator Program as part of an outreach event, and let them all know (students too) about the free Educator Newsletter subscription.
  • Remember, SWENext is for everyone: both girls and boys, women and men. Once they subscribe, the Newsletter will expose them to the exciting SWE programs we offer, including: WE17, Educator Membership, our K-12 Educator Facebook groupand offer them more tips on classroom activities, SWENext, and more!

Have more ideas on how to get the SWENext word out to K-12 Educators and increase newsletter subscriptions? Join us for our WE17 session "Educators: Accelerating SWE into the Future". Send your suggestions, thoughts and questions to Debra Kimberling.

Volunteer at Invent It. Build It. at WE17

Invent It. Build It. is SWE’s signature outreach event, which brings over 1,000 middle school & high school girls, parents, and educators to the SWE conference venue for a unique all-day outreach event with hands-on activities, speakers, access to STEM- and girl-focused organizations, and more!

If you’re attending WE17 in Austin, don’t forget to check “Invent It. Build It. Volunteer” on your registration, to receive more information about volunteering and a link to sign up for shifts. We need over 500 SWE volunteers to make the day a success! Volunteers will receive a discount on next year’s conference registration (WE18).

Read more about Invent It. Build It. and more about WE17. For questions about volunteering at Invent It. Build It., check out the Invent It. Build It. Frequently Asked Questions or
contact Kate Nolan.

Outreach Committee Sessions at WE17

Did you know that the Outreach Committee has a wide variety of free programs available to SWE members and supporters? The Outreach Committee will be presenting the following sessions at WE17:

  • Thursday, 2-3 PM – SWENext & FIRST: Formula for Success (Mary Isaac & Mary Zeis)
  • Friday, 10-11 AM – Add a Little PEP (Parents & Educators Programs) to Your K-12 Outreach Event! (Mary Zeis)
  • Friday, 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM – SWE Outreach Committee Open House (Kate Nolan)
  • Friday, 1-2:30 PM – Role Models Matter (Mary Isaac)
  • Friday, 2:45-3:45 PM – Educators: Accelerating SWE into the Future (Debra Kimberling & Sadaf Qazi)
  • Friday, 4-5 PM – Building an Assessment Program for K-12 Outreach (Susan Mengel)
  • Friday, 4-5 PM – SWENext Clubs – What’s Next?

FY18 Wow! Innovation Challenge #1 Accepting Submissions

SWE’s Wow! Innovation Challenge is a way for SWE members to share and be recognized for their innovative outreach techniques! SWE hosts 4 “challenges” per year, inviting members to submit a Powerpoint, webinar, or Snapguide addressing the month’s topic. The winner receives $500 for outreach and recognition on SWE social media.

innovation challengeThe first Wow! Innovation Challenge of FY18 is now open, on the following topic:

What has your section done to recruit and engage SWENexters as they transition to college? Describe any new or improved events designed to welcome SWENexters to your section and your institution – including, but not limited to, freshman day, orientation events, and much more!

Does your section have a great program that you’d like to share? Submit a Powerpoint, video, or Snapguide here by October 6, 2018 at 11:59 PM.

Questions? Contact Darcy Andersen.

Congratulations to the July 2017 Outreach Metric Tool Random Drawing Winner!

Each month, new entries in the Outreach Metric Tool are eligible to win $100 for a future outreach event! In FY18, we will be featuring a winner in each edition of News You Can Use. Share your outreach events with SWE in the Outreach Metric Tool.

North Country won for their event, Coder Camp for Girls:

Outreach News You Can Use – September 2017
SWE members from the North Country section present at Coder Camp for Girls.

Jennifer Lynch and Theresa (Tracey) Newton of North Country Section participated in the Coder Camp for Girls in mid-July sharing their knowledge of computer chip manufacturing and systems.  Coder Camp for Girls is a day camp designed for girls (ages 11–16), to learn about software development and create their own program, in SCRATCH, while working with Vermont Tech College faculty and student counselors. Participants also take a field trip to a local software development company, spend time with local mentors and speakers, and enjoy physical activity.  Jennifer and Tracey brought semiconductor wafers and modules to share with the campers and answered questions about their work and computers.  Then, they spent time with the students as they demonstrated their programs and projects individually.  The camp culminated with girls presenting their program creations to parents.

Congratulations, North Country!

SWE members from the North Country section present at Coder Camp for Girls.

SWENext Collegiate Video Competition

One of the most frequently-asked questions by high school SWENexters is, “How do I select a college that is the best fit for me?” The SWENext Collegiate Video Competition is a way to begin recruiting SWENexters with a personal view of your university! Collegiate sections are encouraged to create a 3-minute video about your university, SWE section, and engineering school.

All videos meeting eligibility requirements will be posted on the SWENext website, along with a link to your collegiate section’s website or Facebook page. The top three winning sections (as chosen by the Outreach Committee & SWENexters) will receive an Outreach stipend and SWENext goodies for future outreach efforts!

All videos must be received by October 30. The winners will be announced in January 2018.

Learn more and submit an entry: https://alltogether.swe.org/2017/08/enter-swenext-collegiate-video-competition/

Thanks for all your outreach efforts!

Kate Nolan
FY18 Outreach Committee Chair

Questions? Contact outreach-chair@swe.org (directs to Outreach Committee Chair) or outreach@swe.org (directs to SWE HQ).

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