Update on Army Educational Outreach Program Opportunities

In addition to eCybermission, AEOP offers many STEM educational opportunities for students of all ages as well as teachers.
Update on Army Educational Outreach Program Opportunities

outreachThe Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has partnered with the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) to promote STEM enrichment, competitions, apprenticeships and scholarship opportunities. eCybermission is one of the many competitions that may interest SWENexters and SWE educator members.

  • eCybermission student registration is open. Early registration ends November 9. Final registration ends December 13. eCM is a free competition for 6th-9th grade students.
  • eCybermission mini-grant applications for teachers is open and closes October 11.
  • Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP) has extended its deadline for institutes of higher education to submit proposals for 2018.
  • Junior Solar Sprint registration is open. JSS is a free solar competition for middle school students. Registered teams will receive a free solar car kit.
  • Junior Science and Humanities regional registrations will open later this fall.

About eCybermission

eCybermission is a virtual science competition in which groups of students in grades 6-9 compete to solve problems within their communities. Students are asked to identify problems that fall into one of several categories, such as: the environment, robotics, technology, health and fitness, forces and motion, and more. Students then develop a solution to their chosen problem while completing different objectives and competition requirements.

While designing their solutions, students are guided by their team advisor as well as CyberGuides that students can interact with through online chats.  CyberGuides are current STEM field experts who are able to offer advice and direction throughout the competition.

Once all the required materials are submitted, judges evaluate the students work and awards are given to groups who have produced the best solutions in their respective categories. Studentshave the opportunity to compete regionally, with the winners going on to compete at a national level. The top placing groups receive awards in the form of certificates, trophies and savings bonds for each individual student on the team.

Registration for eCybermission is free for all students, advisors, and volunteers. eCybermission’s registration opens to students and advisors in August and closes in December.  Teams have through February to submit all of the required materials and results are announced in early April.

SWE is excited to promote eCybermission. This competition is a great way for students to get involved in their communities while learning valuable problem-solving skills.  Students have the opportunity to interact with STEM experts and recognize the applicability of STEM in solving real world problems.

In addition to eCybermission, the AEOP offers many other STEM educational programs for students of all ages. These programs include summer intensives, competitions and apprenticeship opportunites.

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