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WE Local has expanded to 5 U.S. conferences as well as global conferences and more than 10 international roundtables and seminars in 2018. 
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Check out our Digital Book about WE Local ConferencesIn a blink of an eye, WE Local has doubled. From an initial offering of two U.S. and two global conferences in 2017, WE Local has expanded to five U.S. conferences as well as global conferences and more than 10 roundtables and seminars globally in 2018.

Check out our WE Local Digital Book.

The WE Local Advisory Board (LAB) and five WE Local Host Committees (LHCs) welcome you to WE Local 2018. The 2018 WE Local events will showcase the most prominent (and local!) industry leaders and organizations, exceptional breakout session speakers (evaluated and chosen by SWE members), networking galore and an outreach event for middle- and high-school students — all in two days. We hope you take the opportunity to explore one (or all five!) conferences.

WE Local is your conference to connect with speakers and attendees from your part of the country…and beyond. The WE Local conferences were created to bring the excitement, energy and learning environment of SWE’s annual conference directly to our members’ backyards.

In this time of transitions, LAB and LHCs are working to create conferences that feel familiar and pleasant while also incorporating new and exciting elements. Feedback from the 2017 conferences in Pittsburgh, PA and San Jose, CA showed WE Local where we excelled (Keynote Speakers, SWENext DesignLab and breakout session variety), and where we needed more focus (Career Fair, Volunteer Opportunities and the overall agenda layout). The feedback from LAB and LHC members, attendees, speakers and sponsors has been used throughout the planning process for 2018 for continuous improvements.

After all, WE Local is meant for you to Meet Locally. Learn Socially. 

As such, we hope you’ll make new local connections that can continue long past the end of the conferences.

Ashley Pietz
FY18 WE Local Advisory Board Chair

Katharine Gamble
FY18 WE Local Advisory Board Chair-Elect

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