Download Constance and Nano’s Adventure #2!

Safer Skies Ahead! is about aerospace engineering, and one of the characters is the winner of our United Technologies Constance & Nano Comic Challenge.
Download Constance and Nano's Adventure #2!

Constance and NanoIn the latest edition of our SWENext comic book Constance and Nano – Engineering Adventure! #2 Safer Skies Ahead!  superhero-like characters  solve problems with science, technology, engineering and math. Constance and Nano’s second adventure is about aerospace engineering and was released this fall. Download Adventure #2 for free here.

The first engineering adventure was about weather affecting traffic patterns and how engineers design solutions. If you missed Constance and Nano’s first adventure, download it for free on Amazon or the iBooks Store.

Dreams Come True for SWENext Comic Book Fan

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) chose seventh grader Angel Chukwudi-Denis from Abuja, Nigeria as the winner of the United Technologies Constance & Nano Comic Challenge. As part of her prize, Angel was transformed into an original character in Safer Skies Ahead! SWENext Reporter Marie Young interviewed 10-year-old Angel at WE17, SWE’s Annual Conference, in Austin, TX. Watch the video below.

Chukwudi-Denis entered the contest by building a paper airplane that can carry cargo (coins) and glide more than ten feet. She submitted a video demonstrating her technique and impressive STEM-savvy. The contest is part of SWENext, SWE’s free program for girls 18 and under who are interested in learning more about becoming an engineer, and getting connected with mentors and resources to help them along their path.

“The comic book contest was a way to engage students interested in STEM and challenge them to discover new solutions to everyday problems,” said Randy Freedman, Director of Student Programs at SWE. “SWENext is all about empowering our future generation of engineers. Competitions like the comic book contest are a great way for students to practice what they’ve learned and get excited about engineering.”

The comic book challenge was sponsored by United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

“It’s fun to take a concept like aerospace engineering and break it down for kids who are interested and excited about engineering and technology,” said Kristine Salerno, Strategic Recruiting Programs Manager at UTC. “Our aim is to make engineering fun and relatable while also demonstrating the importance of what an engineer does at UTC. We want to show our future engineers what they can do.”

Chukwudi-Denis also won a trip to WE17, the largest conference and career fair for women engineers, in Austin, Texas in October. Chukwudi-Denis traveled all the way from Nigeria for the event, and it was her first time visiting the United States. She aspires to be an aeronautical engineer. “I got inspired by how the plane moves, the design of the engine and everything.”

For more information about the Constance and Nano’s Engineering Adventure comic book series, visit our Constance and Nano website.

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