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This issue of SWE Magazine is about "envisioning possibilities," with feature stories about SWE members and organizations supporting women in engineering.
Get SWE Magazine’s 2018 Winter Issue Now

Envisioning Possibilities

View SWE Magazine’s 2018 Winter Issue on your mobile device by downloading our app on  iTunes or Google Play. In this issue, find our WE17 recap, awards highlights, and our WE17 By the Numbers infographic.

Get SWE Magazine’s 2018 Winter Issue NowThis issue’s theme focuses on “envisioning possibilities,” with feature stories and shorter articles conveying this message.

Meet three SWE members who have worked abroad. They share their experiences and encourage other women engineers to work in international environments to develop global awareness and cross-cultural skills.

Learn how ABET, the organization that accredits college and university programs in engineering and related disciplines, has revised its criteria.  In keeping with the motto, “Be Confident,” last fall’s changes are designed to ensure that engineers graduating from ABET-accredited programs have the foundation to address the challenges facing the world today.

Find out how SWE, NSBE, SHPE, AISES, and other organizations have formed the 50K Coalition and are working together to achieve their goal of 50,000 diverse engineering graduates by 2025.

Discover the beer industry’s big secret. As the craft beer industry flourishes and innovates, the demand for engineers is increasing, and women engineers are finding there’s more to beer than brewing.

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Please Note: The upcoming State of Women in Engineering 2018 and Spring 2018 issues of SWE Magazine are digital only, each with a print-on-demand option. The State of Women in Engineering issue will be available in early March, and the Spring 2018 issue will be available later in the month. Stay tuned!

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