News from SWE's Affiliate in Pune, India

February 2017 started with a goal-setting activity at Black & Veatch, and the group decided on a roster of STEM events for SWE's Pune affiliate.
News from SWE's Affiliate in Pune, India

SWE's Pune affiliate was established in 2015 as the very first SWE Affiliate in India. 2018 is the 4th year of since its establishment, and during these years it has become bigger and wider in terms of its reach and association with different organizations.

SWE's Pune affiliate currently has 25+ organizations and 80+ members.  There are 6 International Ambassadors (Riya Thakkar, Mangal Gunjal, Isha Singh, Priyanka Tharayil, Avani Shah, and Arti Shinde), 2 international Senators (Anu Gilhotra, Shivani Koul), 1 SWE Membership Committee member (Rupali Patil) and 1 Leadership Coaching Committee member (Stueti Gupta) who volunteer for these leadership positions in the Society.

February 2017 started with a goal-setting activity at Black & Veatch, and the group decided on a roster of STEM events.

WOW That’s Engineering, 5th August 2017

100 + students from grade 8th & 9th participated in the event which was held at Sadhana School, Hadapsar. Students did hands-on activities based on Ohm’s Law and Pascal law by creating electrical circuits and hydraulic excavators. The event was a resounding success. On a survey at the end of the event, 100% of the students said they are now aware of and consider engineering as a positive career. An appreciation letter was given by the school principal to SWE's Pune affiliate for this initiative at the school.

Pune Pune

SWEet Milan 2017, 16th June 2017

News from SWE's Affiliate in Pune, IndiaAn event was hosted by Schlumberger, Pune, India and was attended by 35 women professionals from different organizations like Black and Vetch, Eaton, John Deere and Schlumberger. The session started with a session in personal branding with a very interactive activity, which involved identifying your personality color. The color defines the personality one depicts in the workplace, its advantages, and disadvantages. Next, there was a speed mentoring session where young professionals got connected with experienced professionals and took tips on professional development in organizations.

Mentoring for College Students, 20th August 2017

News from SWE's Affiliate in Pune, IndiaA group of mentors and mentees got together for a half day at Cummins College of Engineering for Women. The event was led by Rupali Patil of John Deere and Gauri Joshi of Schlumberger.  They invited experienced engineering professionals who had signed up as mentors and mentees who are budding engineers. The objective of this program was to provide guidance to budding women engineers to help them successfully launch engineering and technology careers.


SWEet Milan 2017 2.0, 16th June 2017

News from SWE's Affiliate in Pune, IndiaThis event was hosted at Emerson, and the event had two sessions. It began with mentoring for 40 students who are in their final year of engineering. These students interacted with SWE professionals from Emerson and John Deere and received a quick resume review. The professionals also helped them with tips on resume writing and how to appear for a job interview.

The second part of the event was a leadership development session for women professionals. Participants got a chance to hear from Shivangi Datar, Senior Manager at Emerson, and Uma Doma, Senior Technical Manager at Emerson, about their journey in the engineering organization. That was followed by a panel discussion.

This is first time SWE Pune hosted outreach for college students and a professional development session at the same time.

Be Bold For Change – A Symposium on Women's Empowerment, 29th August


SAE India Off Highway, SWE India, ANSYS, and a Cummins team jointly organized a symposium on Women's Empowerment - Be Bold For Change. This was a great platform for all women engineers to learn from leaders. A keynote speech and experiences shared by industry leaders - Nitin Agrawal, Ajei Gopal, Mark Firth and Margaret Schmitt - were inspirational. This interactive session was a step towards creating an eco-system for women's empowerment and inclusion.