FY18 Wow! Innovation Challenge #3 to Explore Diversity and Inclusion in Outreach

For the FY18 Wow! Innovation Challenge #3, tell us about your creative ideas and activities that show how SWE is a group that celebrates diversity.
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SWE is excited to announce the second FY18 Wow! Innovation Challenge. The challenge recognizes the innovative outreach techniques being used by SWE sections, MALs and global affiliates. Periodically, a section/MAL will be recognized for a unique, creative approach to a component of outreach. SWE will award a $1000 outreach stipend to the winning section/MAL/affiliate and will share the winning entries with the entire society.

innovation challengeFY18 Wow! Innovation Challenge #3

SWE is all about promoting diversity and inclusion and celebrating individuality. Since SWE stands for "Society of Women Engineers," most people believe you need to be a woman in engineering to join and support SWE, but in fact we have and need diverse members and advocates who add to our mission!

We would love to hear all the ways your section is able to increase participation of both women in engineering and those who support us from other backgrounds. This could be through partnerships with organizations like NSBE, SHPE, and AISES, through event marketing, or outreach event components that have a focus on diversity.

For example, varying backgrounds can include gender, race, other schools, different sections, and other paths of study or careers that aren't engineering.

We want to hear about your creative ideas, activities, and measures of success that reflect that SWE is a group who celebrates and includes anyone from any background!

How to Apply

Visit the Wow! Innovation Challenge page and click on “Apply for FY18 Wow! Innovation Challenge #3 here”. Fill out the required information in the form and add your content.

Submission Period

Submissions will be accepted between February 26 – April 2, 2018.

Submissions must be received by 11:59 PM Central Time on Monday, April 2, 2018.

Questions? Visit the Wow! Innovation Challenge FAQ page or contact Veronica Robertson.

Congratulations to SWE Hartford Professional Section, the winner of the 2018 Wow! Innovation Challenge #2!

FY18 Wow! Innovation Challenge #3 to Explore Diversity and Inclusion in OutreachThe SWE Hartford Professional Section (founded in 1955) works with local universities and aerospace companies to fund outreach events in addition to encouraging smart spending wherever possible.  They also have e incentives to expand their member base, which further expands their potential fundraising opportunities.  One of their 20+ outreach events, Project STEM, partners with Pratt and Whitney and UTAS to introduce middle school girls to four aspects of engineering design ranging from bridges to solar cars.

FY18 Wow! Innovation Challenge #3 to Explore Diversity and Inclusion in Outreach

Members of the section are passionate about their mission, their goals and the goals of the Society.  They reached over 5,000 students with their outreach events last year, including several inner city schools where they focus on electronics and coding.  Their backgrounds range from chemical and structural engineering to mechanical engineering and nursing.  They embrace diversity and open their section to all who are interested.

Hartford's winning submission has great tips on how to raise funds for outreach events. Check out their Snapguide for how to use Amazon, sponsor partners and other creative and replicable ways to raise funds!

Once again, congratulations to Hartford and we hope the $1000 award for winning this challenge will help further your outreach efforts!