Video: Constance and Nano Engineering Adventure Comic Book Series

Check out a video about our Constance and Nano Engineering Adventure comic book series and download our SWENext comic books today!
Podcast: Writer Talks about Creating Our SWENext Comic Book

Engineers are always finding creative, exciting ways to make our world even better. Join Constance and Nano on their engineering adventures to see how fun it can be to solve problems with science, engineering, technology and math (STEM)! Download their latest adventure for FREE and share it with your friends, parents and teachers!

The first issue of our SWENext comic book is about civil engineering. It's about weather affecting traffic patterns and how engineers design solutions. It was released in the fall of 2016. We met Constance, a girl interested in learning about the world around her, and Nano, a female superhero who uses her brain and special powers to help Constance when flooding makes it hard to get to school. Read Constance and Nano - Engineering Adventure! #1 Rain, Rain, Go Away! 

Our second issue, Constance and Nano – Engineering Adventure! #2 Safer Skies Ahead!, is about aerospace engineering and was released in the fall of 2017.

Check out a video about our Constance and Nano Engineering Adventure comic book series.

Download issue number 1: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Download issue number 2: Safer Skies Ahead!

You can also find Constance and Nano’s engineering adventures for free on Amazon and the iBooks Store.

Check out photos of Constance and Nano making an appearance at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.

You can also listen to our podcast with Kelly Thompson, a novelist and comic book writer based in Portland, Oregon, who wrote our first two Constance and Nano Engineering Adventures. She has also written comic books about the Ghostbusters, Captain Marvel, A-Force and Star Wars.

About SWENext

SWENext is a way to become part of the Society of Women Engineers as a student through the age of 18. Become part of SWE and #BeThatEngineer! Joining is free.

Families and educators play a key role in the success of SWENexters. The SWENext program offers resources and information for adult advocates as well.

Who can be a SWENexter?

Any student 13 or older may join SWENext. For those younger than 13, a parent will need to be the primary contact.

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