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SWE's Founders Day is a time to celebrate the Society of Women Engineers for advancing women in engineering and technology over the last 68 years.
Take our Quiz to Celebrate SWE's Founders Day!

Group photo of SWE's Founding Meeting at Camp Green May 27, 1950

By Anne Perusek, SWE Director of Editorial and Publications

On SWE's Founders Day sixty-eight years ago, a resolute group of women who were ahead of their time gathered to create the foundation for what is now more than 40,000-member-strong organization at the forefront of the profession — today’s global Society of Women Engineers.

Over the weekend of May 27, 1950, some 60 women engineers and engineering students came together in New Jersey at the Green Engineering Camp of The Cooper Union to take part in the first national meeting of the Society of Women Engineers.

Beatrice Hicks, SWE's first president
Beatrice Hicks, SWE's first president

The women represented the Society’s four original districts, or sections: metropolitan New York City; Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; and Boston. It was during this historic gathering that the founding members elected Beatrice Hicks as SWE’s first president.

Just one year later, 112 people attended the first official SWE national convention in New York City. This was the forerunner of the WE annual conferences now held in the United States and overseas.

Over the years, the spirit of the founders has continued, with each new generation of SWE leaders and members building upon the efforts of those who preceded them, injecting freshness and vitality in accord with the issues of the day.

Centennial of Engineering joint conventions
Detroit Section members (l to r) Alice Wetter, Patricia Brown, Frances Jenkins, Geneva Van Horn, and Maxine Regnier at the 1952 Centennial of Engineering joint conventions of the Western Society of Engineers and the Society of Women Engineers, September 1952.

As former executive director and CEO, Betty Shanahan, F.SWE, CAE, noted in her SWE Magazine column marking the 60th anniversary of Founders Day:

"The commitment to grow, to reinvent the organization, to face new challenges, and to continually expand the definition of success is also an expression of thanks and appreciation to the founders. Because of them, we continue in this fashion. Our celebration of Founders Day recognizes all … [who] evolved a vision for SWE as a catalyst and champion for the success of women in engineering and technology."

Founders Day is a time to take pride that, along with thousands of others, each of us has helped to advance the pioneering vision expressed by the founders decades ago on that weekend in May.