SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018

In this SWE Counts newsletter, we will share some statistics and information about the Design Labs that occurred at the WE Locals this past fiscal year.
SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018

SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018

SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018Welcome to the June Assessment Workgroup Newsletter! In our last newsletter, we shared on program development grants for outreach events.  In this newsletter, we will share some statistics and information about the Design Labs that occurred at the WE Locals this past fiscal year. Design Lab is an outreach event similar to Invent It. Build It. that is on a smaller scale, but still with a large impact.  This half-day event takes place on the second day of a WE Local conference and includes a middle school girls program (grades 6-8) and a parent educator program.  A high school program (grades 11-12) includes two awards to which high school students can apply.  DesignLab occurred at the WE Locals for Tulsa, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Portland, and Providence in FY18.

Design Lab

SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018For the middle school girls, they get to work on hands-on activities, such as Dance-Pad Mania, Seismic Shake-Up and Helping Hand.  They also meet the role models for different engineering disciplines while working on those activities and work in teams.  A big thanks to the volunteers who fill those role model positions.  If you don’t have a chance to volunteer for Invent It. Build It., the WE Local DesignLab is a great place to volunteer to be able to get started with outreach events and to help girls know more about engineering.  For the parents and educators, they interact with engineering panelists and get to do their own hands-on activity.  At the end of the day, they get to join the girls for show and tell as well as raffles.SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018

SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018For the high school girls, they can apply to the SWENext Local Innovator Awards Program and the SWENext Northrop Grumman High School Community Award.  To be eligible for the Local Innovator Award Program, students must live in rural areas and write four essays on their involvement in SWENext, how they have used engineering principles in their life, how their engineering ambitions have translated into community service, and how their leadership roles connect to their passion for engineering and STEM.  In addition, students must make a video less than 3 minutes long highlighting what they wrote about in their essays.  SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018The Local Innovator Award Program is in honor of Judith Gray (1942-2015) who supported STEM-related programs.  The student who applies to the SWENext Northrop Grumman High School Community Award must work on solSWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018ving a problem using STEM.  SWE members choose the problems and students work on solutions to be presented through posters.  In Milwaukee, students worked on providing better access around the obstructions created by the Milwaukee Streetcar construction for drivers and pedestrians who were frustrated in going to destinations, such as businesses and homes. In Providence, the students worked on the problem of removing red seaweed from the beaches which typically washes ashore, rots, and smells terrible.

SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018The numbers for DesignLab are given in the table below and represent the hard work of the SWE Staff and volunteers who put on a great program for the attendees.  A big thanks to each and every one of them in addition to those SWE sections who hosted the WE Locals and the supporting organizations who funded the DesignLab events including the Army Educational Outreach Program, Motorola Solutions, and Rockwell Automation.  A special thank you to the students who applied to the high school awards program and congratulations to the awardees!

Location/MetricMiddle School AttendeesParent/Educator AttendeesSWE VolunteersSWENext Local Innovator AwardeesSWENext Northrop Grumman Community Awardees

Outreach by the Numbers

SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018The Outreach Committee publishes the SWENextEd monthly e-newsletteras part of our efforts to increase exposure of and participation in SWE’s K-12 Educator membership and related programs. We currently have 402 SWENextEd subscribers. We also publish SWENext monthly e-newsletters that all our K-8 and 9-12 grade SWENext members receive.

SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018We have increased to 145 registered SWENext Clubs worldwide. The Outreach Committee is developing tools and resources to support our growing SWENext Clubs program.

SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018There are 4,225 current SWENext student members and 4,172 SWENext adult members. Our grand total is 6,151 SWENext student members since the beginning of the program. We recognize our amazing students through the SWENext Awards. In addition, we currently have 258 SWE K-12 Educator members.

SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018From July 2017 to May 2018, members reported 646 outreach events using the Outreach Metric Tool. This brings our all-time total up to 3255 outreach events reported by SWE members.

Through May 2018, members reached 48,878 girls, bringing the all-time total up to 238,932 girls impacted by SWE members at outreach events.SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018
SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018

5,336 SWE members volunteered for outreach events led by SWE members for FY18.  Seventy-seven of those events included a Parent Educator Program.

SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018We would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the following sections in the table below for all the hard work they are doing to impact girls, parents, and educators in K-12 outreach events during FY18 and for entering their K-12 outreach events into the Outreach Metric Tool (enter your K-12 outreach events at this link). They are our best advertisement to let people know that SWE is actively reaching out to kids to help them understand what a great career choice engineering can be.  They help SWE attract more funding for our organization because many organizations and funding agencies want to partner with us as a result of our effective K-12 outreach work.  SWE K-12 Outreach SWE Counts Newsletter – June 2018Please enter your K-12 outreach events where you or your section participated whether ones you led or ones in which you were a part of a larger team.  We need the actual K-12 outreach event information after it has occurred and we appreciate your extra care to avoid duplicate entries.  Thank you for all that you do!

31-33 eventsH009 Central Illinois
28-30 events
25-27 eventsB059 California Polytechnic State U.,

San Luis Obispo

22-24 events
19-21 eventsF063 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

G004 Pittsburgh

D050 University of Alabama

H007 Wisconsin

16-18 eventsA007 Sierra Nevada


13-15 eventsG006 Bluegrass


H066 University of Minnesota
10-12 eventsD058 University of Florida

D061 Georgia Institute of Technology

F005 North Country

F064 University of Rhode Island

H054 University of Illinois @


H058 Iowa State University

H061 University of Michigan

H067 University of North Dakota

H080 University of Wisconsin-Madison

I002 Eastern Nebraska

I050 University of Colorado

7-9 eventsC005 Dallas

E011 Richmond Area

G053 University of Cincinnati

G063 University of Pittsburgh

G074 West Virginia University

H006 Minnesota

H068 North Dakota State University

H072 Purdue University West


I008 Tulsa-Northeast Oklahoma

4-6 eventsB005 San Diego

C054 Mississippi State University

C065 Texas Tech University

C082 University of North Texas

D014 Southeast Florida

D022 Chattanooga Area Section

D026 Memphis

D052 University of Alabama in Huntsville

D070 University of Tennessee

E058 Drexel University

F001 Boston

F003 Hartford

F006 New England Shoreline

F086 Yale University

G002 Kentuckiana

G003 Northeastern Ohio

G005 South Ohio

G057 University of Kentucky

G059 Ohio State University

G079 Pennsylvania State University – Erie

H016 Southwest Central Indiana

H017 Dubuque Area

H057 University of Iowa

H063 Michigan State University

H065 Milwaukee School of Engineering

I004 St. Louis

1-3 eventsA002 Mt. Diablo

A006 San Joaquin Valley

A050 University of California Berkeley

A052 California State University, Chico

B006 Phoenix

B008 Central New Mexico

B010 Las Vegas Valley Section

B049 Member-At-Large

B055 University of California, San Diego

B060 California State University, Fullerton

B072 Utah State University

C002 Houston Area

C003 Baton Rouge

C004 Austin

C049 Member-at-Large

C052 Lamar University

C057 Rice University

C066 Tulane University

C071 Louisiana Tech University

C078 Baylor University

C080 Texas State University

C088 John Brown University

D001 Atlanta

D002 Charlotte-Metrolina

D007 Tampa Bay Area

D010 Birmingham

D013 Space Coast

D020 Northwest Florida

D053 Auburn University

D054 University of Central Florida

D063 University of Miami

D067 University of Puerto Rico

D082 Georgia Southern University

E001 Baltimore/Washington

E002 Lehigh Valley

E003 New Jersey

E005 Philadelphia

E006 Rochester

E007 Twin Tiers

E008 Greater Syracuse Area

E009 Hampton Roads

E012 DelMar Peninsula

E079 University of Rochester

E088 Villanova University

E089 University of Virginia

F057 University of Maine

F060 University of New Hampshire

F062 Northeastern University

F067 Tufts University

F071 Wentworth Institute of Technology

F080 Roger Williams University

G001 Central Ohio

G049 Member-at-Large

G051 Carnegie-Mellon University

G058 University Louisville

G060 Ohio University

G061 Pennsylvania State University

G084 Lorain County Community College


F004 Maine

F008 NYS Capital District

F052 Brown University

F053 Clarkson University G085 Geneva College

G087 Cincinnati State Technical and

Community College Affiliate

H001 Chicago Regional

H002 Detroit

H004 Heart of Iowa

H008 Central Indiana

H010 East Central Iowa

H012 Western Michigan

H013 Southwest Michigan

H014 South Central Michigan

H050 Bradley University

H055 University of Illinois at Chicago

H056 Illinois Institute of Technology

H064 Michigan Technological University

H077 Trine University

H084 St. Cloud State University

H087 Minnesota State University - Mankato

I003 Kansas City

I009 Oklahoma City

I049 Member-at-Large

I053 Colorado State University

J001 Eastern Washington

J002 Columbia River

J003 Pacific Northwest

J056 Portland State University

Z015 Indonesia: Jakarta

Every month, we choose an entry at random from the OMT survey entries to win $100 that is sent to the sponsoring SWE section to help fund future outreach events.  Congratulations to our past winners!

June 2018Will it be your section? – Enter an event into the OMT this month to win!
May 2018G058 University of Louisville
April 2018C054 Mississippi State University
March 2018H066 Minnesota, University of
February 2018F063 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
January 2018H006 Minnesota
December 2017F064 Rhode Island, University of
November 2017H058 Iowa State University
October 2017H007 Wisconsin
September 2017F067 Tufts University
August 2017I060 Eastern Nebraska
July 2017F005 North Country

To find out more about the data analyzed by the Assessment Workgroup of the Outreach Committee, please see our monthly Assessment Report and Region/section Report. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Mengel or Darcy Andersen, SWE Outreach Coordinator, at outreach@swe.org.