SWE: We Make Leadership Development a Priority

The Society of Women Engineers has placed a priority on leadership development. We have the resources, mentors and opportunities to make it happen.
Become A Swe Leader

Technical skills can get your career started, but advancement requires the ability to lead—and that’s where membership in the Society of Women Engineers helps. We’ve placed a priority on leadership development, and have the resources, mentors and opportunities to make it happen.

Five Ways SWE Puts You in the Lead

  1. Start with SWE’s leadership competency model to assess where you may need to hone your skills. Begin by completing the model’s Leadership Competency Assessment and Development Plan. Access the model under the Learning tab on swe.org.
  2. Stay informed on leadership with our All Together blog. We constantly add leadership-related content to our mobile-friendly blog. Search “leadership” for results.
  3. Put the SWE Advance Learning Center to use. You’ll find a number of leadership-related topics that you can watch on your own time—all content is free to SWE members. Be sure to check out our Strategic Leadership Learning Series from earlier this year. Search “Strategic Leadership Series” on All Together to view this series.  
  4. Attend WE18 and WE Local for in-person professional development. Leadership is always a hot topic at our events. Registration is discounted for SWE members. Check out our WE18 and WE Local sites for more information.
  5. Get “on-the-job” training as a volunteer leader. You have a number of opportunities to lead at section and societal levels.

SWE’s Mission

SWE leadership is the backbone of our diverse, thriving organization. Our dedicated leaders come from a variety of backgrounds, technological disciplines and industries to share their expertise and guidance, and most importantly, their passion to uphold the Society’s mission. SWE’s mission is to help women achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity.

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