Webinar: Learn about SWE’s Leadership Coaching Committee

The Leadership Coaching Committee provides proactive leadership coaching to sections, affiliates and members, including Society leadership.
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In this webinar, FY18 Leadership Coaching Committee (LCC) Chair Heather Wiest explains the support provided to sections of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) by the LCC and SWE Headquarters (HQ). The LCC provides proactive leadership coaching to sections, affiliates and members, including Society leadership. Coaching, consulting, and support are essential to maintaining and growing healthy sections, affiliates, and members.  The LCC will be the primary point of contact for sections, as well as affiliates, to stay connected with SWE and receive the support they need to be productive and strong organizations.

This webinar covers:

  • How sections will be supported without Regions.
  • The role of the Leadership Coaching Committee (LCC) and the support opportunities they provide
  • Available SWE online tools and resources
  • Ways to stay connected and involved in SWE without Regions

About Leadership Coaches

    • 70+ Coaches are dedicated to supporting SWE sections and members.
    • They have extensive SWE knowledge and experience.
    • Coaches are located all over the US.
    • They can travel to your section at no cost!

WE18, the Annual Conference of the Society of Women Engineers, and WE Local conferences are a great time to touch base with assigned coaches in person!

The LCC has historically been a resource available to all SWE members in the U.S. although support varied depending on your former region. Their focus always has been and will continue to be the vitality of SWE groups throughout the Society. We have taken the opportunity to streamline how the LCC functions, add additional coaches and expertise, and expand their ability to consult with sections. Every section within the U.S. has a coach assigned directly to it.

This information is available via your region governor (in FY18), in your section information on the SWE website, or from direct contact with the coach. Your coach is responsible for working with your section to find the right resources, whether you’re looking to grow your section or resolve issues. While module training is still available, this is not the only tool in the coaches’ arsenal. If you need to have a conversation on best practices or would like to find a subject matter expert on a certain topic, they’re also available to help you with that. Think of them as your SWE allies to help make your organization better.

Learn more about SWE’s Governance Update at governance.swe.org.

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  • Webinar: Learn about SWE's Leadership Coaching Committee Leadership Coaching Committee

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