Choose Sessions from 11 Tracks at WE18 in Minneapolis

At WE18 in Minneapolis, you'll find 200+ sessions on a variety of topics relevant to women in engineering and technology. Early bird registration ends Sept. 18.
Let's Break Boundaries at WE18
  1. Advocating for Change

    In the Advocating for Change track at WE18 in Minneapolis, MN, Oct. 18-20, 2018, sessions focus on techniques for advocating for yourself, your colleagues, your STEM community, and future generations of women in engineering and technology.

  2. Career Management and Life Transitions

    The CMLT track addresses a variety of issues collegiates and professional women face on both a personal and professional level. The track includes wellness, stress management strategies, importance of mentor/mentee relationships, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and career advancement techniques (internships, resume and interview best practices, salary negotiations, and understanding corporate culture).

  3. Entrepreneurship

    These sessions are about business planning, raising venture capital, developing your elevator pitch, new venture structures, new technology development, strategies for product marketing and licensing, creating your startup team, and researching resources available to startups.

  4. Inclusion and Cultural Awareness

    This track addresses the challenges and opportunities that women in engineering face within the context of diversity, globalization, and culture.

  5. Innovation and Disruption

    This track focuses on technology and the changing landscape of business, including disruptive technologies. Thought leaders from a variety of disciplines will share new trends, best practices in innovation, and the disruptive technologies we see today and possibly in the future.

  6. K-12 Outreach

    The Outreach track is a powerful resource for SWE members and engineering outreach practitioners who currently deliver, or want to begin delivering, outreach programs that inspire and support girls to study and pursue careers in engineering.

  7. STEM Re-entry

    This new track provides a valuable resource to any engineering professional who has taken a career break for two years or greater and wants to re-join the STEM workforce. The sessions in this track are for both the individual reentering the workforce and for organizations considering launching a reentry program.

  8. Strategic Leadership

    Many of the sessions within this track are intended for mid-career professionals. These sessions spotlight aspects of organizational behavior, market structure and forces, and organizational design. They explore the character and challenges of successful women leaders within highly technical fields.

  9. SWE Leadership

    The focus of this track is on SWE governance and volunteer leadership capacity. Many of the presenters are active SWE volunteer leaders within their section and/or are members of SWE’s Leadership Coaching Committee (LCC).

  10. Women in Academia

    Sessions examine various career paths and opportunities for women in academia. Administrators, faculty, and graduate students within the academic community will share insights, research, and experiences.

  11. Women in Government and Military

    Sessions examine various career paths and opportunities for women in government and the military.

At WE18 in Minneapolis, MN, October 18-20, 2018, you'll find 200+ sessions on a variety of topics relevant to women in engineering and technolgy. Early bird registration ends Sept. 18. Register now.

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