Renew Your SWE Membership by September 30

It's time to renew your membership in the Society of Women Engineers. Renew by September 30, and say "I Am With SWE."

Video: I Am with SWE - Amelia Gandara

It’s renewal time! Renew your SWE membership by September 30. Need help renewing? Download these step-by-step instructions.

Our “I Am With SWE” campaign was created to show that we belong to SWE and support SWE’s initiatives that promote women in engineering and technology. Watch our “I Am With SWE” video with Gabriela Basel to hear why she is proud to be part of the Society of Women Engineers.

Amelia Gandara is also proud to say “I Am With SWE.”

As you know, SWE offers a wide variety of benefits to our members: networking, learning, advocating, socializing and mentoring. Whether you are interested in STEM diversity, K-12 outreach, career advancement or lifelong friendship, SWE helps make it happen. Membership means something different to every SWE member, and we are proud of the opportunities, programs, events and services we offer.

Renew today!

Download sharable social media graphics to encourage other members to renew their SWE memberships by September 30.

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