SWE Magazine Fall Issue: The Use of Drones Soars

Find out how the use of drones is soaring as unmanned aircraft systems are performing vital aspects of day-to-day operations in countless industries.
SWE Magazine Fall Issue: The Use of Drones Soars

SWE Magazine’s Fall issue is now available. You can access the issue on your mobile device by downloading our app on iTunes or Google Play. Click here to view on a desktop or laptop.

SWE Magazine Fall Issue: The Use of Drones SoarsThe Use of Drones Soars Part 1 - Drone Technology: Poised to Transform Industry
Find out how unmanned aircraft systems are securing their place in countless organizations and industries and performing vital aspects of day-to-day operations.

The Use of Drones Soars Part 2 - Drones and Data: Charting the Course of Disaster Recovery
Providing instant viewpoints and data, delivering critical supplies to dangerous or remote areas, and reducing human risk, unmanned aircraft systems are proving their potential to assist in saving lives and property.

Special Section: "Let’s Break Boundaries"
Introducing SWE FY19 President Penny Wirsing, F.SWE; the new board of directors; and the Society of Women Engineers’ theme for the year.

Men as Diversity Partners
Gain insight about the men who have been recognized by SWE for their efforts to advance and support women in engineering and understand the competitive advantage a diverse workforce brings.

Women Deans: Women Lead Engineering Education in Texas
Journey along with engineering deans from two rival Texas universities, Texas A&M’s M. Katherine Banks, Ph.D., and The University of Texas at Austin’s Sharon Wood, Ph.D., as they discuss their paths to leadership and share advice for SWE members.

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