Tips from the Treasury: Email Phishing Scam

FY19 Society of Women Engineers Treasurer Karen Roth has a warning about a email phishing scam. Be on the lookout for this kind of email fraud.

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Tips from the Treasury: Email Phishing Scam
Karen Roth

Hello SWEsters! My name is Karen Roth and I’m your FY19 Society Treasurer. I’ll be penning periodic blog posts to remind you of deadlines, upcoming opportunities, and to point you toward our wealth of information on financial matters.

This time I’d like to have a quick chat on phishing attempts. We all get the emails from work, banks, and family about protecting yourself online, but did you know we get phishing attempts in our SWE lives as well? There’s a phishing attempt that’s been around for a bit, but seems to be raring it’s ugly head lately again and we’ve had a few sections (and the email!) targeted.  The scam is very simple, the emailer poses as a trusted individual, usually the President, and asks the Treasurer to either confirm the current amount in the accounts or to initiate a transfer of cash for a certain project.

It’s a pretty thin scam, a quick check will show you that while it appears to coming from the President’s email, the authenticated email is actually different. However, by posing as a trusted individual, it makes it easy to just answer the simple question quickly and move on in our busy lives.

Always be vigilant! If something doesn’t sound right in an email then call the sender to verify. If the greeting isn’t common, or the grammar is off, these are all signs that something may be off and it’s worth a double check. SWE isn’t immune just because we’re a non-profit, scammers will target anyone that they think might transfer money to them.

Yours in SWE,

Karen Roth
FY19 Society Treasurer

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