Win a Science + Innovation Award, Be Featured on TV

The Science + Innovation Awards is accepting nominations for awards to be presented by Manufacturing USA on a CBS broadcast this November.
Win a Science + Innovation Award, Be Featured on TV

In partnership with CBS and Manufacturing USA , the creators of the Teen Choice Awards have announced the Science + Innovation Awards, a celebration of the innovations making a positive difference in today’s world. One award will honor teachers or mentors that are actively securing the future of manufacturing in the U.S. The second award will honor young innovators who are making a difference through projects and designs in manufacturing. The winners of both awards will be honored in-person and on-air during the national broadcast on CBS! The submission deadline for both awards is September 23, 2018.

Manufacturing USA is a consortium of 14 not-for-profit institutes whose mission is to foster growth and information sharing across the various sectors of the American advanced manufacturing industry. The 2018 Science + Innovation Awards will be taped the weekend of November 10, 2018 at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California. The broadcast of the awards will be over two days on CBS: November 17 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm ET and November 18 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm ET. The show will have a special focus on honoring students and teachers who are helping make a difference in the future of technology and innovation.

Manufacturing Innovation Champion Award

The Manufacturing Innovation Champion Award will recognize spokespeople, trainers, mentors, or educators throughout the country who demonstrate to the next generation what it means to "make." Winners will be selected based on their leadership, collaboration, innovation, and impact in promoting manufacturing in their community, state, or across the U.S.

All Manufacturing Innovation Champion Award nominations must demonstrate the exceptional leadership of an individual or group in encouraging young leaders to innovate. Submissions must include a description of the nominee(s)’ activities that advance the future of manufacturing. Activities may range across any major technology area including those supported through Manufacturing USA. Nominations are open to individuals or teams fostering manufacturing skills and innovation in their communities. There are no age or education level restrictions.

Manufacturing Innovation Student Award

The Manufacturing Innovation Student Award will honor those rising leaders ages 13 or older who have contributed to the advanced manufacturing community through inventing new products, processes, or techniques. Applications must provide details on a single project that the nominee(s) have completed. Winners will be selected based on their leadership and innovative ability to solve problems rather than the complexity of their projects or solution.

All Manufacturing Innovation Student Award nominations must demonstrate the exceptional leadership of an individual or group in solving a problem using manufacturing innovation. Submissions must include a description of the project that the nominee(s) created to advance manufacturing technologies. These technologies may include those supported through Manufacturing USA or other manufacturing areas. Nominations are open to students 13 years or older currently enrolled in grades 7-12 or at an accredited U.S. technical school, community or junior college, four-year college, or university at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

For judging criteria for both awards, view and download the Manufacturing USA Contests Guide.