Get Your sweSwag for a Discount During WE18

Introducing sweSwag—Our New Online SWE Store!

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is offering a 10% discount on sweSwag during our annual conference, WE18. The discount is available from October 18 through November 3. Use promo code SWAGWE18.

sweswagWe’ve got some great SWE branded products in our online sweSWag store. All are available for purchase on Amazon by clicking the links below.

SWE’s got your back. Grab our SWE Drawstring Bag and fill it with just what you need. It’s convenient, comfortable and completely SWE!

When you need to go old-school, grab your SWE Pocket Notebook Set. You’ll have 70 pages and a matching pen to jot down anything from a highly technical equation to a quick game of tic-tac-toe.

Hang your credentials around your neck with our stylish SWE Lanyard. Available for single purchase or in

This messenger bag looks great, holds a lot, and features strong magnetic fasteners. Walk into your classroom or office with this comfortably adjusted over your shoulder and heads will turn!

Have a ton to lug around? Toss whatever you’re hauling into our durable SWE Tote Bag—it’s the perfect accessory for work and play.

We’re willing to bet that you spend a good amount of time on a computer. Make your computing life a bit more comfortable  with our SWE Gel Wrist-rest Mouse Pad—it’ll make any desk look that much cooler!

Whether you’re working feverishly to solve a major engineering challenge for a class project, cramming for a final or squeezing some exercise into a busy day, you need to stay hydrated to stay on your game. Our sleek SWE Hot and Cold Bottle holds 17 oz. of iced H20 or freshly brewed C8H10N4O2.

Before you toss your tablet into your bag, protect it with our SWE Tablet Case. This sleek and lightweight case makes it both easy and stylish to ensure your tablet is safe, secure and ready to help you #bethatengineer!

Did you know that, on average, you can write approximately 45,000 words with a single pen? That’s assuming, of course, you don’t lose it or someone doesn’t walk away with it. Not to worry, our 10-pack of SWE Pens ensures that you’ve got plenty at hand. Jot with joy. Write with relish. And jot down the notes you need in SWE style.

Most are Amazon Prime eligible.

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