SWE’s FY19 #GivingTuesday Campaign Kicks Off with K-12 Outreach / SWENext

Leading up to #GivingTuesday on November 27, 2018, SWE will feature a different program and group of donors. This week, we are pleased to feature SWENext!
SWE’s FY19 #GivingTuesday Campaign Kicks Off with K-12 Outreach / SWENext

About #GivingTuesday: On #GivingTuesday (11/27) login to your SWE Member Account and click “Donate to SWE” or follow this link here to make your #GivingTuesday gift to SWE.

 About the SWE’s K-12 Programs & SWENext: SWE is committed to supporting women at all stages of their careers, from those in grades K-12, college, the workplace, and beyond. We spark an interest in engineering and technology for girls through SWENext.

SWENext is a way to become part of the Society of Women Engineers as a student through the age of 18. It is free to join and any student 13 or older can become a SWENexter. For those younger than 13, a parent will need to be the primary contact. To learn more about our K-12 Outreach / SWENext programming, visit these links:

We have over 11,000 alumni of the program and nearly 6,000 active members. We also encourage girls to become SWE members and were able to offer a limited number of C2C memberships.

A big thank you to all of our FY18 (7/1/2017 – 6/30/2018) K-12 Outreach / SWENext donors!

Alba Rodriguez
Alessandra Fehrman Prestipino
Alex Greenough
Andrea Furey
Angleat D. Shelikoff
Ann Wright
Barbara J Brockett
Betty J. Lane
Bonny L. Hadiaris
Carrie Lin
Cassidhe Griffiths
Catherine A. Chess
Catherine Weitenbeck
Chelsea Michelle Powell
Christopher Bakker
Cody Barker
Daryl Fanley Varney
Deborah Guerrette Main
Debra A. Jones
Doris Estes
Dylan Brown
Elizabeth Lynam
Gail P. Forest
Gina L. Holland
Giuseppina Miller
Iris Cross-Bugliosi
Jake Abruzzo
Jared Hatfield
Jean Richardson
Jeff Fraser
Jenn Carroll
Jennifer Melissa Rech
Jeremy Matosky
Jessica L. Asay
Jim Lesko
Joshua Diamond
Julia Lundberg
Julianna Hayashi
Just Give
Kimberly Keeney
Kristin P. Sroka
Learay J. Rayburn-Silvia
Lynn M Granger
Maria L. Magana
Mary T. Zeis
Mary-Helen Douglas
Melissa Hall
Michael Crafts
Michelle Harper
Nathaniel Gallop
Neal Haber
Nicholas Szczecinski
Nora C. Lin
Pamela A. Williamson, B.S. Aerospace Engineering
Patricia M. Knight
Rex Babiera
Risa Masuda
Sarah Armstrong
Sarah Carrier
Shannon Marlece Vittur
Shirlene Towler
Shirley C. McCarty
Steven Barnes
Susan M. Cischke
SWE Test
Valeta Carol Chancey
Vicky Shaw