WE18 Highlights: Public Policy & Advocacy Sessions

Advocacy is critical in the effort to break boundaries in engineering for women and advocates of women in the profession. Join SWE members and WE18 attendees at one of these sessions that cover a wide range of advocacy and public policy topics at WE18.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

9:30– 10:30am | Public Policy booth at the Spark Center
Public Policy @ SWE Meet-Up

  • Want to learn more about how SWE and our members advocate for female engineers to federally elected officials? Are you interested in learning about what SWE does year-round around public policy? Stop by the Public Policy booth at the Spark Center during this time to learn more.

12:45 – 1:45 PM – MCC 200DE
SWE Advocate: from Campus to the Capitol

  • Learn how to make an impact on your government by organizing an advocacy trip to the capitol. Receive the tools necessary to have productive conversations with your local, state, and national representatives. This session breaks down the preparation necessary for a successful advocacy trip step-by-step, from applying for funding to scheduling meetings to structuring a persuasive presentation. Politics is a (wo)man’s world, so make your voices heard.

1:10 – 1:30pm - Auditorium 1
“I Don’t Want to Run for Congress, but I Still Want to Make a Difference. What Can I Do?”

  • Women across America are raising their influence in business and culture. They should do so in politics as well. In this talk, women -- and anyone else who wants to have an impact -- will learn techniques used by lobbyists and other influencers to directly affect politics and policy, including how to organize and produce an impactful Congressional visit event.

6:00 – 7:00pm | Room MCC- M210
SWE Advocacy 101 Member Meet-Up

  • Interested in leveraging your SWE membership to advocate for women in engineering? Regardless of if you are interested in advocating for students to engage more in STEM, are interested in advocating with elected officials, or want to advocate in a university or professional setting, this meet-up is for you! Come meet others with a similar interest. Some light refreshments available.

Friday, October 19, 2018

10:15 – 11:15 AM – MCC 200DE
Leveraging SWE’s Advocacy Agenda: Engaging Elected Officials and Fostering Sustained Impact

  • Not every member of SWE agrees with every other on the day’s policy issues. The Society, however, is invested in supporting current and future female engineers via advocacy efforts that address supportive workplace policies, access to quality STEM K-20+ education, enforcement of Title IX in all of its forms, and adequate public investments in agencies and programs important to the engineering workforce. Want to understand the importance of your role as an advocate? Have you met with elected officials but want to learn how to deepen your impact and engagement? Join Della Cronin, SWE’s Representative in Washington, DC, Tracy Van Houten, a SWE member and former candidate for U.S. Congress, and Jan Williams, a SWE Life Member and experienced advocate, in a panel conversation about the organization’s effort and how to amplify your advocacy efforts while leveraging SWE as a resource.

12:20 – 12:40 PM – Auditorium 3
Advocating for STEM with Elected Representatives– Fun, Educational and Imperative!

  • SWE’s objectives include a major thrust for STEM advocacy, and there are many ways to advocate, including outreach, mentoring, and teacher engagement. Maybe it’s time for you to break into direct advocacy for STEM by interacting with your elected officials! In this session, we provide some compelling data to reinforce the impacts and consequences of STEM underrepresentation and the need for better STEM education. We then discuss the merits of direct advocacy and why it is one of the best ways to achieve SWE’s advocacy goals in promoting STEM. We will talk about SWE’s Capitol Hill Day and how this direct contact with elected representatives is not only fun and educational, but also an imperative for our future. 

12:45 – 1:45 PM – MCC M101
Public Policy Analysis and Advocacy for Engineers

  • This workshop will teach the basic principles of public policy analysis and how this analysis can be used to advocate for change on a topic you care about in a policy system in academia, government, industry, or non-governmental organization. The workshop will incorporate active learning so that participants leave with the fundamentals of an analysis that they can develop in the future, should they decide to do so. The workshop will also discuss how engineers can interact with policymakers at the national, state, and local level. See the free online module at http://oli.cmu.edu/courses/free-open/policy101/ for more information.

3:00 – 4:15 PM – Main Auditorium
Special Session: State of Women in Engineering

  • Join a panel of experts to discuss recent events and relevant research to better understand the current state of women in engineering.