Advance Learning 2.0 Bulletin November 2018

The Advance Learning 2.0 Bulletin is a way for SWE’s Professional Programs team to share updates on new tools and educational offerings.
Advance Learning 2.0 Bulletin October 2018

Brought to you by SWE’s Professional Programs team (Valerie Bland, Senior Manager Professional Programs and Camryn (Cam) Wagner, Learning and Development Specialist)

Featured New Release

Are you aware of all the programs available to you as a SWE member? Check out the new About SWE mobile course to learn more.

AdvanceFeatured Learning Method - On-Demand Webinars (ODW)

SWE records all live webinars and re-releases them as on-demand webinars so you can participate when your schedule allows. To access them for FREE, (1) login to the Advance Learning Center using your SWE username and password and (2) Select On-Demand Content.

Advance Learning 2.0 Bulletin November 2018

Featured On-Demand Webinars (ODW)

Below are a few popular on-demand webinars recently released from the Self-Care Series.

Advance Learning 2.0 Bulletin November 2018