Get a Head Start on our FY19 Wow! Innovation Challenge!

SWE will award a $1000 outreach stipend to the winning sections/MALs/affiliates and will share the winning entries with the entire society.
Congratulations to Stevens Institute of Technology, the Winner of the 2018 Wow! Innovation Challenge #4

SWE sections have three chances to win $1,000 for their outreach efforts in the WOW! Innovation Challenge in 2019. Start thinking about these three topics and what your section could submit. Be on the lookout for more information at the beginning of the year.

Challenge #1

It is always inspiring to see SWE sections holding outreach events that actively make the world a better place. If you had a socially themed outreach event (water conservation, improving financial independence of women, living in a safe and healthy environment, etc), tell us how your event encouraged students to apply STEM concepts to make your event a success! Did you host a design competition? How did you teach participants to connect STEM with other social issues? Were the outcomes of your event used to effect change in your community?

To Be Launched: January

Challenge #2

STEM and STEAM outreach are essential programs to guarantee the successful continuation and advancement of science and engineering.  Quite a few of such programs entice high school and college students with interactive demos and experiences, though many of these students may have already chosen their desired career paths.  For this challenge, we are interested in how your section engages elementary school (K-6) students.  Do you host outreach events specifically geared toward K-6?  Do you send to section members to elementary schools/classrooms with demos?  Does your section sponsor/work with a SWENext club?  How do you get them involved?

To Be Launched: February

Challenge #3

Collegiate SWE members can have a difficult time juggling classes, jobs/internships, and extracurricular commitments while professional members tackle the constant push and pull of work-life balance. This can make it difficult for members to consistently find the time and energy to volunteer for outreach events.  Tell us how your SWE section encourages volunteers to comeback and avoid “burn-out” to maintain outreach volunteer engagement. We are looking for what type of programs or incentives are in place to keep the outreach spark alive? How you foster an exciting and inclusive volunteering environment? How you accommodate volunteers' commitments to other activities to create space for volunteering?

To Be Launched: April

About the Wow! Innovation Challenge

The Wow! Innovation Challenge recognizes the innovative outreach techniques being used by SWE sections, MALs, and global affiliates. Periodically, a section/MAL will be recognized for a unique, creative approach to a component of outreach. SWE will award a $1000 outreach stipend to the winning section/MAL/affiliate and will share the winning entries with the entire society.

Questions? Visit the Wow! Innovation Challenge FAQ page.

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