SWE’s FY19 #GivingTuesday Campaign Highlights our Scholarships

Leading up to #GivingTuesday on November 27, 2018, SWE will feature a different program and group of donors. This week, we are pleased to feature our work in scholarships.
SWE’s FY19 #GivingTuesday Campaign Highlights our Scholarships

About #GivingTuesday: On #GivingTuesday (11/27) login to your SWE Member Account and click “Donate to SWE” or follow this link here to make your #GivingTuesday gift to SWE.

Within the United States, SWE is one of the largest providers of scholarships exclusively for women. Through our scholarship program, we gave out over $800,000 worth of scholarship-based funding directly to collegiate and graduate level female engineering students for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Back in 2014, SWE was featured by the John Oliver show for its scholarship program. Check out the recording here.

SWE’s FY19 #GivingTuesday Campaign Highlights our Scholarships

Want to know how SWE members get involved with Scholarship donations? Check out our #GivingTuesday profiles of Linda Freeman and Nicole Woon from last year!

A special thank you to those who have donated to a SWE Scholarship since our last fiscal year to date:

Katherine Allen
Jessica Asay
Stephanie Balik
Dianne Beever
Margaret Bennett
Elizabeth Bierman
Karen Bireta
Kathy Bracic
George Brewster
Jennifer Brock
Barbara Brockett
Patricia Brown
Florentina Closser
Karen Conmy
Virginia Counts
Ceal Craig
Ivelisse Del Valle Figueroa
Stacey DelVecchio
Christina Drouet
Barbara Faust
GE Women’s Network
Melanie Hancock
Lynne Hannen
Alison Haskins
Beth Hinchee
Ruth Hupprich
Sharon Kimizuka
Diane LaFortune
Linda Lanham
Margaret Layne
Nora Lin
Sharon Lindquist-Skelley
Aurora Lipper
Paula Loring Simon
Margaret Ludowese
Susan Lui
Jennifer Lynch
Judy Martinez
Cynthia Matthews
Shirley McCarty
Frances McNamee
Jennifer Morikawa
Judith Nelson
Debra Nelson
Marilou Claire Noriel
Diane Peters
Carolyn Phillips
Chelsea Powell
April Privett
Melba Pulaski
Lisa Purvis
Laurie Ramsay
Jessica Rannow
Diane Rink
Ronna Robertson
Ashley Rolland
Audrey Rowe
Colleen Scholl
Elizabeth Shanahan
Claire Shortall
Yvonne Simms
Jaclyn Spear
Alyse Stofer
Mary Stubbs
Erin Sun
Moriah Thompson
Jill Tietjen
Dawn Tilbury
Carol Weber
Shelley Wolff
Barbara Wollmershauser
Betsy Wood