SWEet Wisdom January 2019

What new year’s resolutions did you set for yourself when you were in high school?
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Happy New Year, SWENexters!  Welcome back to the SWEet Wisdom column!

The new year is traditionally a time when some people resolve to change an undesired trait or behavior, or to accomplish a personal goal.  Did you make any new year’s resolutions this year?

This month we asked SWE members to reflect on the new year’s resolutions they set for themselves back when they were in high school.  Perhaps their answers will inspire you to set some resolutions of your own!

Wishing you a great new year!

Lisa Cervia, Biomedical Engineer and SWEet Wisdom Reporter

Eileen VelezEileen Velez

Aviation Engineer at Kimley-Horn

I would make many resolutions but throughout the year! My main ones were to belong to student organizations to build up my resume for college, to join the dance team, and to exercise more. Also to have all A's in my courses and especially in my AP classes.

In 10th grade, I had the goal to fundraise enough money to be able to travel to the Close Up Program in Washington, D.C., which was a chance to see our democracy in action.  I met that goal with help from my teachers and parents.

Emily PrincipeEmily Principe

Chemical Engineering Student
Western Michigan University

When I was in high school, I set a new year's resolution to get out of my comfort-zone.  The start of high school, freshmen year, I was insecure about myself and didn't apply myself to the community.  Sophomore year, I joined Key Club as an average member, to help the community.  Junior year of high school, I joined the junior varsity tennis team, and started to develop relationships with my classmates who also joined the tennis team.  By my senior year, I participated in the Fashion Club, Key Club, and volunteered myself for class speeches and presentations.

Ever since I made that new year's resolution to myself 2 years ago, I am confident about myself, confident enough to soon be the SWE President at Western Michigan University. Getting out of my comfort-zone allowed me to achieve great things.

Danielle SchroederDanielle Schroeder

Bridge Engineer at Pennoni

One my new year's resolutions that I set in high school was to be more organized! I had a tendency to put all my papers for classes in random folders and it was not easy to find papers/worksheets for each class.

To put this resolution into motion, I made sure to write ALL deadlines in my planner as well as organized all my loose sheets of paper. I labeled a folder for each class and made sure to only put papers in their proper folder. For my classes that involved a lot of loose papers (like AP US history), I ended up getting a 3-ring binder to hold all those papers and keep myself organized. Being more organized helped me to focus on my classes rather than having to search through a mound of papers.

Sunita LavinSunita Lavin

IT Section Manager at Burns & McDonnell

My resolution was to do my best and get good grades!