Announcing our WOW! Innovation Challenge #1 Winner!

Congratulations to SWE University of Wisconsin Madison, who partnered with Sambhali in Jodhpur, India to promote women's empowerment through STEM education and outreach!
Congratulations to Stevens Institute of Technology, the Winner of the 2018 Wow! Innovation Challenge #4

SWE sections have three chances to win $1,000 for their outreach efforts in the WOW! Innovation Challenge in 2019. The winner of our first challenge, below, is SWE University of Wisconsin-Madison. Congratulations!

Members of SWE University of Wisconsin-Madison in Jodhpur, India.
Members of SWE University of Wisconsin-Madison in Jodhpur, India.

Challenge #1:

If you had a socially themed outreach event (water conservation, improving financial independence of women, living in a safe and healthy environment, etc), tell us how your event encouraged students to apply STEM concepts to make your event a success! Did you host a design competition? How did you teach participants to connect STEM with other social issues? Were the outcomes of your event used to effect change in your community?

What SWE UW-Madison did:

Five women working on STEM project
SWE UW-Madison members working on an engineering project with women from Sambhali in Jodhpur, India.

With a desire to expand their outreach internationally, SWE UW-Madison partnered with Sambhali in Jodhpur, India to promote women’s empowerment through STEM education and outreach. Through STEM workshops, hands-on activities, fundraising and an empowering discussion with local women, they introduced all participants to other cultures in a common language: engineering.

Members of the section care deeply about STEM education and women’s empowerment. Their backgrounds span a variety of majors, including biomedical and mechanical engineering, and the team enjoys all sorts of activities from local trivia nights to mentorship.

UW Madison’s winning submission has great tips for planning and running international outreach programs. Check out their slides (PDF) for more information about their trip and how to run your own!

Once again, congratulations to the University of Wisconsin Madison! We hope the $1,000 award will help further your outreach efforts!


Want to win $1,000 for your SWE section? Learn more about WOW! Innovation Challenge #2! Deadline to apply is April 2, 2019.