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SWE Member, Anuradha Ashok recommends attending the conference and career fair for personal and professional development.
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Anuradha Ashok HeadshotBy: Anuradha Ashok, Researcher, Shell Technology Centre Bangalore

Diversity and Inclusion are not just about increasing the number of women in the workforce, but ensuring their respect and inclusion, providing development opportunities, and most importantly, constituting a balanced workforce that would eventually increase the productivity of the organization.

WE Local India has proven to be a fantastic platform for my friends and I to participate in the diversity conversations in Industry & Academia right now in India and spread awareness of the ongoing activities happening at our company, Shell. The conference focuses on all the initiatives taken across different organizations such as developing leadership attributes, and focusing on the career struggles and corporate reality of women in technical roles.

WE Local India Anuradha, ShellI have attended WE Local twice. In these two years that I have attended the conference, I do clearly remember some of the sessions that made an everlasting impact on me. One of them was a Panel Discussion on “How does she do it?” at WE Local India, Pune, where the discussion revolved around how women in business and technology must manage increasing complexity and dimensions of their life and career. The panelists highlighted the seriousness of the policies framed by different organizations and how companies provide a great support pad for all its employees, thereby creating a level playing field for both men and women. Brilliant advice that was given by one of the panelists to everyone was:

Performance = Potential = Interference and this interference includes self-talking too!

In my case it was an eye opener as it gave me and many others food for thought: “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

Registration for WE Local India, Bengaluru is now open. Click here to register now. Visit us here for more information and to stay up-to-date on the conference and career fair.

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