WE Local is a Conference for Everyone

We Local Brings Together All Types of Women
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Diversity has always been big at WE Local. Claudia Galvan, SWE Diversity and Inclusion Affinity Group Leader, says, “If you’re a Latina, if you are a Native American, African American, LGBTQ, you can come to this intimate conference and find your people.”

Galvan loves attending WE Local because she can’t always travel to the big SWE Conference. The WE Local conferences allow her to come to a place that’s close by so she can continue to network with others in a timely manner.

WE Local is a Society of Women Engineers (SWE) program that brings together participants in all stages of their collegiate and professional journey. The program hosts conferences across the globe so engineers can connect through professional development workshops, inspirational speakers, networking opportunities and outreach activities.

Visit welocal.swe.org for more information about WE Local, and to register for an upcoming conference.

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