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“I Wish…” — A Member’s Wishes for the Engineering Industry

“i Wish…” — A Member’s Wishes For The Engineering Industry

The “I Wish…” eBook was written by SWE Member and past SWE President, Stacey M. DelVecchio. You can view and download the eBook here.

Stacey DelVecchio quoteDuring one of the many interviews I did during my term as the Society of Women Engineers President in 2013-2014, I was quoted as saying “I wish people would stop being impressed by the fact that I’m a woman engineer. We want it to be normal to see beautiful, social, intelligent women out there that are engineers.”

At the time, I was also a leader in engineering at Caterpillar, a company I was with for 30 years, but this quote always stayed closed to my heart. So much so, that upon my retirement from Caterpillar, it inspired me to capture all the wishes I had for the engineering industry, an industry that provided me with challenging and meaningful work for over 30 years.

So with my quote as my own inspiration, I share with you my other wishes…

I wish…

…that men would cut the cake.

…people would stop chasing the promotion.

…people would assume others have good intentions.

…we would expand our definition of life balance.

…people would stop saying “guys and gals.”

…we’d remember to say “thank you.”

…we’d talk about something besides sports.

…people would speak up.

…someone would find my red chair and share it.

…people would push the boundaries.

…people would make a decision.

…we would give people we don’t know a chance.

…people would take a blended perspective.

…people would stay or not stay, but stay engaged.

…we had a world with gender parity and equality.

See Stacey’s reasoning behind each of these wishes in her free eBook PDF, “I Wish…

About the Author

Stacey DelVecchio headshotStacey DelVecchio is a Past President of the Society of Women Engineers. She is the secretary of the World Federation of Engineering Organization’s Women in Engineering Committee, representing the American Association of Engineering Societies and is championing global expansion of SWE. She has spoken in a dozen countries on the value of gender diversity in engineering and advocates globally for women. DelVecchio has 30+ years of industry experience in product development, focusing the last five years on additive manufacturing. She is an adviser with the Society of Manufacturing’s Additive Manufacturing Community and sought after for her perspective on deploying additive.


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