Inspire More Girls to #BeThatEngineer

Are you a leader in your community with a passion for STEM? If so, make sure to order our FREE SWENext outreach brochures to help show young girls how THEY can #BeThatEngineer!
A Day in the Life of Industrial Engineer Becca Lasky

Our free SWENext outreach brochure is a great tool for teaching girls about the disciplines of engineering and showing them real examples of women engineers who are passionate about their careers in STEM. Below is a sample of the kind of information and role models available in the brochure. If you are hosting an outreach event in your community, SWE would love to send you a pack of these brochures at no cost. Place an order today, and together we can inspire girls to #BeThatEngineer!


Inspire More Girls to #BeThatEngineer
Frann Shore, SWE Member since 2008

Fascinated by flight? You can design and develop airborne vehicles, including fighter jets, spaceships and even golf balls.

“I love working on challenging, high-tech jets and aircraft, and we make them safe for our men and women in the military!”


Inspire More Girls to #BeThatEngineer
Jennifer Weast, SWE Member since 2015

If you think big, then be a civil engineer. You’ll work on roads, bridges, dams and other key structures.

“As a civil engineer, my goal is to help improve the daily lives of individuals, and I believe that my job is helping me reach my goal.”


Inspire More Girls to #BeThatEngineer
Sowmya Nagesh, SWE Member since 2012

As an electrical engineer, you will take energy from power sources and channel it to home, factories and businesses.

“Without the emission systems that I design the controls strategies for, some our basic modern amenities would not be where they are. What I make us helping build a greener environment for generations to come.”


Inspire More Girls to #BeThatEngineer
Rachel Tenney, SWE Member since 2014

Want to help solve environmental problems or find ways to prevent ecological disasters? You could work on water distribution, recycling, sewage treatment, and pollution prevention and control systems.

“My favorite part of my research is doing my small part to achieve my childhood dream of saving the world.”


Inspire More Girls to #BeThatEngineer
Jessica Fischer, SWE Member since 2016

Do you love to tinker? Then head for mechanical engineering to design, build and maintain machines of all types and sizes.

“I absolutely love being a mechanical engineer in the wind energy industry! As a wind turbine technician, my job involves troubleshooting and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems in the top of wind turbines.”


Inspire More Girls to #BeThatEngineer
Burlyn Andall-Blake, SWE Member since 2018

It takes software to harness the computational power of computers. As a software engineer, you’ll analyze, design, construct and test complex programs using engineering methods.

“I created HelpMe, a web app, that provides resources such as help hotlines and legal activist groups to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking.”


Inspire More Girls to #BeThatEngineer
Zaria Silvia, SWE Member since 2012

System engineering requires a deep working knowledge of all technical areas. You’ll ensure that various disciplines work together and meet cost and performance goals.

“What I love about my job is the collaborative environment. Everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the same mission.”

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