Top 10 Best Mac Apps for Modern Engineers

The best Mac apps simplify your work and life throughout your career and even throughout your education. As an engineer, you’re a problem solver by nature, and the must-have Mac apps help toward that process.
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“Top 10 Best Mac Apps for Modern Engineers ” was written by guest contributor James Dorian.

As an aspiring or current engineer, you understand the term “engineer” is not “one size fits all.” You all have different jobs and work on different projects. You belong to different types of engineering industries. But, you all have something in common: you need to get more efficient, so you can balance between your private life and emerging career.

The best Mac apps simplify your work and life throughout your career and even throughout your education; instead of carrying textbooks and chunky notebooks around campus, you can use apps on your MacBook. As an engineer, you’re a problem solver by nature, and the must-have Mac apps help toward that process. 

So, what are the best Mac apps for engineers?

Top 10 Best Mac Apps for Modern Engineers:


1. Setapp

Setapp is a SaaS (software as a service) platform, and it features a selection of the best applications across categories. The difference is that instead of buying these apps individually, you’re paying a small monthly fee to access them all. 

Developer, task management, personal finance, creativity, and productivity apps are useful for all types of engineering. Pagico, for example, is an app that lets you manage projects, tasks, contacts, files, and team members. Instead of paying $50 for a single-user license, you can access the full features of this app for $9.99 per month, but you’ll also use many others with the same subscription.

2. PureFluids

If you’re a mechanical engineer, you understand thermodynamics of fluid properties pretty well. But there’s nothing wrong in using an app that calculates things for you without much effort. It makes you way more efficient in the way you use your time.

3. Bridge Constructor FREE

If you’re an engineering student or you want to practice your building skills, you’ll love Bridge Constructor. The full version gives you 40 levels, but you can play eight of them for free. You get to build bridges over rivers, canals, and deep valleys. The app will perform stress tests on your design, so you’ll see if your bridge can face daily challenges.

4. LinkedIn Pulse

As any other professional in all types of engineering, you must stay updated with the latest updates from your industry. LinkedIn Pulse is the best platform for getting industry-specific news. You see what your colleagues are reading and sharing, as well as the latest happenings with major companies from your niche.

5. Evernote

Need a safe app that will store all documents related to your projects? Evernote is the one! You can store data sheets, proposals, product information, sketches, and anything else. But Evernote’s main function is note-taking. You can take notes on the go, whenever you get inspired. Then, you can easily access them when needed, or you can share them with your team.

6. Roambi Analytics

This is not an engineering app per se, but it’s still one of the must-have Mac apps for engineers. It’s great for creating dashboards and reports, which are an essential part of your projects. You can easily import information from Google Spreadsheets and Excel and create beautiful reports that you’ll share with the team.

7. AutoCAD

If you work in the field and handle DWG drawings all the time, you absolutely need this app on your Mac. The app lets you view, edit, and share drawings at any time. You can revise your work while you’re examining a particular location and when you get ideas on the spot.

8. Converto – The Unit Converter

When working on international projects, unit conversion is a problem. You need an app that makes this easy. Converto is simple and does the job well. It lets you convert units in distance, speed, length, energy, power, currency, and more.

9. iCircuit

If your job involves sketching out circuits and components, this is one of the must-have Mac apps for you. It’s a multifunctional app that you can use not only for sketching circuits, but for troubleshooting as well. It will check voltages and test functions for you.

10. FingerCAD PRO

You’ll read critiques about the app not being user-friendly. That’s true; it has a learning curve. But once you get used to it, you’ll label FingerCAD as one of the best Mac apps you’ve used. It’s an app for technical drawing, which you can use for designing geometrical figures, mechanical components, bridges, buildings, and more.


Are You Using the Best Mac Apps?

Your Mac is the ultimate tool for work. You use it to create projects, plan your workflow, and collaborate with your team and clients. But without the right apps, you won’t unlock the full potential of your MacBook. Each progressive engineer knows this: apps make you more productive and ultimately better at your work. But you have to choose the best ones. The list above gives you a good starting point, don’t you think?

James Dorian professional portraitJames Dorian is a technical copywriter. He is a tech geek who knows a lot about modern apps that will make your work more productive. James reads tons of online blogs on technology, business, and ways to become a real pro in our modern world of innovations.

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