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Collegiate Section Contest: Recruit New C2C Members & Earn SWE Items

The top three Collegiate Sections to recruit the most new C2C members through September 30, 2019 will receive Special SWE Recognition & Earn WE19 Registrations
Collegiate Section Contest: Recruit New C2c Members & Earn Swe Items

Promote C2C Membership to non-C2C members and new SWE members now through September 30, 2019. All sections are automatically entered to win. In October 2019, SWE will announce the top three sections who have the most NEW C2C members and they will receive the following:

  • Blog highlighting Section & Section Leadership in All Together and promotion on SWE social media platforms
  • 1 Comped WE19 Registration for every 10 new C2C Members
  • Four SWE padfolios for Section Leadership

What is C2C Membership?

Collegiate to Career (C2C) membership is ideal for college students with two or more years left of schooling. For a one-time payment of $50, C2C members secure membership for their entire collegiate years and the first year as a professional member.

Here are some tips on how you can recruit new C2C members:

Step 1: Share the link to join. Encourage your section members to reach out to their networks and ask them to join SWE as a C2C member!

Step 2: Share SWE and C2C benefits. Share some of the member benefits that have most impacted you. SWE C2C membership is only $50 and covers all years of continuous undergraduate and graduate study in addition to the first year of professional membership. Membership provides access to hundreds of jobs in SWE’s Career Center; scholarship opportunities; professional development and education in SWE’s Advance Learning Center; insights from custom SWE research; steep discounts for conferences and events; and a growing community of women and allies in engineering that is 40,000+ strong.

Step 3: Spread the word on social media! Share the link to join and your reason for becoming a C2C member on social media. Tag @swetalk on Twitter and @sweorg on Facebook to interact with SWE HQ and increase your reach.

The SWE Collegiate Section Renewal Challenge is open through September 30, 2019. In October, SWE will announce the top three sections that have the most NEW C2C members for FY20 that will receive prizes.

Questions about SWE or C2C membership? Drop us an email at or call 1-312-596-5223 and press 3 for membership.


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