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Welcome to WE Local!

Join us in welcoming the WE Local leaders and staff who make it all possible.
Fy19 We Local Keynote Speaker Nominations Are Open

As you may have seen through emails, blog posts and even social media, the WE Local season is officially here. It’s hard to imagine that over 140 days ago, we were putting the last shipping label on the last WE Local pallet to return to Headquarters. And now, we are evaluating speakers, building volunteer and registration portals, and accepting applications from Awards to Keynote Speakers for the 2020 season.

None of this is possible without the support of passionate and dedicated individuals who serve on the WE Local Advisory Board, WE Local Host Committee or Headquarters team. It is with honor, we (digitally) welcome them to WE Local!

If you recognize a name below, congratulate them on their recent accomplishment or ask them a question (or two!) about WE Local. They/we are here to help you through the journey.

WE Local Advisory Board

Every spring, WE Local begins the recruiting process for the WE Local Advisory Board (LAB). LAB is a diverse community of passionate and driven SWE Members with a variety of backgrounds who ensure the member’s voice is heard by leveraging continuous feedback in order to enhance a more repeatable and maintainable program and conference infrastructure. LAB members serve for two years with (at least) half of the team retiring year-to-year.

This year, we’d like to recognize the following FY20 LAB Members:

  • Nicole Woodman, LAB Chair and Program Subcommittee Lead*
  • Jennifer Winikus, LAB Chair-Elect and Program Subcommittee Lead in Training
  • Kim O’Rourke, LAB Member and Awards Subcommittee Lead*
  • Evette Stroble, LAB Member and Floater*
  • Jonna Gerken, LAB Member and Collegiate Competition Subcommittee Lead
  • Kiera Kaufman, LAB Member and Social Subcommittee Member
  • Tori Morgan, LAB Member and Social Subcommittee Lead
  • Dian Nguyen, LAB Member and Awards Subcommittee Lead in Training
  • Adriana Porter, LAB Member and Program Subcommittee Member
  • Steven Ulrich, LAB Member and Program Subcommittee Member
  • Carole Womeldorf, LAB Member and SWENext Subcommittee Liaison
  • Devyn Yates, LAB Member and Collegiate Competition Member

*Indicates FY20 is the LAB’s Member final year of participation.

WE Local Host Committee Chairs

In addition to recruiting, onboarding and training our FY20 LAB Members, WE Local has also been busy recruiting and selecting the brave leaders and faces for the FY20 Local Host Committee (LHC) Chairs. Chairs provide guidance, direction and leadership to up to 12 members for the WE Local Host City they represent. This year, we welcome the following leading ladies to the extraordinary LHC Chair line-up:

  • Mary Isaac, WE Local San Diego
  • Wendy Merkley, WE Local Salt Lake City
  • Sarita Kuppili, WE Local Raleigh
  • Lisa Raab, WE local Buffalo
  • Helen Colvin, WE Local Des Moines

This group of Chairs will be leading their Liaisons through June 2020. Chairs along with Headquarters Support have been busy reviewing LHC interest forms, selecting, notifying and onboarding the next set of LHC Liaisons. As the “voice of the member,” Liaisons assist Subcommittee Leads and Headquarters (HQ) staff with completing tasks that lead to the completion of a milestone/goal. Next month, we will highlight all the amazing Liaisons!

SWE Headquarters

Finally, we’d like to recognize the dedicated Headquarters team who support WE Local in a variety of functions, or as Nicole Woodman, LAB Chair states, “The final leg of the WE Local stool.”

  • Briana Avilas, Registration Portal Support
  • Valerie Bland, Reviews Breakout Sessions
  • Monica Cutrone, Sponsorship Subcommittee Lead
  • DJG Marketing Agency, Bringing Ideas to Life
  • Trish Kolar, Awards Subcommittee Support
  • Mackenzie Morgan, Events Coordinator, WE Local
  • Vanessa Velasco, Events and Marketing Senior Manager, WE Local
  • Camryn Wagner, Reviews Breakout Sessions

So, on behalf of the Society of Women Engineers and WE Local, WELCOME TO THE WE LOCAL TRIBE/COMMUNITY/FAMILY and THANK YOU! We couldn’t do it without you.

To learn more about this group of leaders, visit

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