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Georgia Tech Students Benefit from Motorola Solutions Scholarship

Last year in honor of Motorola Solutions' 90th anniversary, the Motorola Solutions Foundation partnered with SWE to equip the next generation of female engineers with 18 SWE Scholarships. Here, we learn about two Georgia Tech recipients and the impact the scholarship will have on their studies.
Georgia Tech Students Benefit From Motorola Solutions Scholarship

The Motorola Solutions Foundation seeks to benefit communities where Motorola Solutions operates by making strategic grants, forging strong partnerships and fostering innovation. One of the focuses is to support engineering programs that advance educational opportunities for underrepresented groups and students with financial need.

Last year in honor of Motorola Solutions’ 90th anniversary, the Motorola Solutions Foundation partnered with SWE to equip the next generation of female engineers with 18 SWE Scholarships! Here, we highlight two Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) recipients: Manasi Deshpande and Nandita Gupta.

What is your name, hometown, school and engineering discipline?

Motorola Solutions scholarship recipient Manasi DeshpandeMy name is Manasi Deshpande and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am attending Georgia Tech in the Computer Science Graduate Program.




Motorola Solutions scholarship recipient Nandita GuptaMy name is Nandita Gupta, and I’m from Pune, India. I’m going to Georgia Tech to pursue my Master’s in Human Computer Interaction.



What role does SWE play in your collegiate career?

Manasi: SWE has been instrumental in my collegiate career with numerous professional development opportunities and outreach events. I have been able to collaborate with peers and professionals and understand the field I am in on a larger scale.

Nandita: SWE has made it possible for me to embark upon my academic journey and make the transition of careers from electrical engineering to design and human computer interaction. SWE has also connected me to other like-minded individuals and I have seen SWE help so many other people like me develop and grow within their fields!

How did you pick your engineering discipline?

Manasi: I chose to study computer science because I am interested in advancing technology and feel like this is the best way to use my interest to serve the community.

Nandita: I picked electrical engineering for my undergraduate studies and went on to become a controls engineer. After working for a couple years within the field I realized that there was a need for better design of technology and improved interaction. I love working with people and creating solutions that are more human-centric and that’s why I picked my discipline (human computer interaction).

What do you want to do when you graduate?

Manasi: After I graduate, I would like to work in industry in the area of machine learning, possibly for healthcare applications.

Nandita: I want to design products and solutions that will make human interaction with new and upcoming technology better and more efficient.

What does it mean to receive a Motorola Solutions Foundation Scholarship?

Manasi: I am honored to receive the Motorola Solutions Foundation Scholarship. Thank you for your support as this scholarship will help me achieve my goals both educationally and professionally.

Nandita: This scholarship has given me the freedom and opportunity to pursue human computer interaction at Georgia tech. It will not only enrich my knowledge but also give me future opportunities to make strides in technology! Financially, this has been a crucial point in turning my dream into reality. Thank you, Motorola Solutions!

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