Podcast: Is it Time for a Career Change?

Wondering if it's time for a career change? In this SWE Diverse episode, FY20 SWE President Cindy Hoover speaks with career coach Jill Hauwiller for some expert insight.
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Episode 74: Jill Hauwiller on Knowing When it’s Time for a Career Change

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Jill Hauwiller

Wondering if it’s time for a career change?

Is your job dissatisfaction short-term, or are you really, truly “stuck?” Maybe you know it’s time for a change, but you’re not sure how to make that happen. In this Diverse podcast episode, FY20 SWE President Cindy Hoover speaks with Jill Hauwiller, Founder of and Principal Consultant at Leadership Refinery, and a Forbes Coaches Council Member. For nearly 20 years, Jill has been helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential, working in various Talent Management, Organizational Development, and Human Resources roles for Fortune 500 corporations. In every environment, she is able to assess and develop talent, work globally, and leave a lasting impact on her clients and teams. Today, she’s here to help you gain some insight on examining your career path and knowing when—and how—to make a move.

“You’re not alone, you’re never alone…many have traveled this path before you. And, more often than not, almost every person that I interact with is looking for a way to give back. So it’s ok to ask for help, in fact, I think the people that are clear on what they want and are clear on the help that they ask for are the ones who make these transitions as smooth as possible. So, do the work on yourself; ask yourself what it is that you’re really looking for. Work on articulating your interests and your capabilities. Doing that work—while hard—does build confidence, and that confidence is what helps people through that transition process.”

– Jill Hauwiller, Founder of the Leadership Refinery

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